6. Dec, 2020

Hunting for Lodge

Again I’m on the track of Virtuals and 1/1s and there’s one Virtual over near Chingford that I have been eying up. There are a few 1/1s around that area so that was another reason for coming over.

It was a wet start to the day but this soon cleared up. As it got light, I parked up in the middle of Epping Forest next to the CM - High Beach. I was surprised how quickly I found the well hidden Letterbox amongst the fallen trees.

I drove down to Chingford Plain and parked up near Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge. It was built for Henry VIII in 1543 but today it was the focus of the Lizzie’s Hunting Shack Virtual. I soon found the info that I needed to claim the cache. By the way, my eldest daughter married a Lodge.😀

A mile or so down the road was the 1/1 CM Chingford - St Peter and St Paul’s trad. This one was for once, an accurate D/T. I was after the 1/1 TUBE SideTracked - Buckhurst Hill next and that was a couple of miles out of my way but I wanted to grab this one. It was MIA last time and seeing where it was positioned this time, it will be MIA again pretty soon.🤔

The next one on my list was the Mystery CM Woodford Wells. I had solved the jigsaw associated with this one some time ago. Today I soon found the hint item and the hole in the tree over head height. I couldn’t feel the cache so I took a photo into the hole, spotted where the cache was and soon had it in hand.😀

Moving on, I parked up near Woodford tube for the SideTracked. After a short walk, I found the precariously placed trad. 

I was running out of time so drove down to Woodford Green. There was a VS here but this is hardly a village! However the well hidden cache was on the boundary of a cricket ground so could this have been the village green. I am sure that in the old days, this area was Waterworks Corner on the North Circular. I was standing here many years ago hitchhiking to Leicester for a Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac concert at the De Montfort Hall. A car stopped and asked where I was trying to get to. He said “you’re in luck, jump in” and dropped me outside the Hall a couple of hours later.

There was no problem getting home as I knew the band quite well. They dropped me off in Brent on the North Circular in the early morning and as I worked just down the road, I dossed there for the night.

The last cache of the morning was at the CM Woodford - St Mary’s trad. This was a DNF last time out but I quickly found the cunningly placed cache. I looked for the quickest way home and for the first time ever drove up the M11 to the M25 back on familiar territory.

1 Letterbox 1 Mystery 1 Virtual 5 Traditional