9. Dec, 2020

Braintree Banter

I’m only doing shortened days in my tier area now so I decided to visit Braintree to do the new Courtaulds Legacy AdLab series. The Courtauld family set up a very successful silk weaving company in the town and were enormous benefactors. I knew a bit about the family but was very keen to find out more.

I was in town very early hoping to do some of the series by street lighting. I parked up in Sainsbury’s for a free 30 mins parking. I picked up a couple of trads including the ST on the way but had trouble at one place. I texted Infinson, the CO, who I‘d had a day trip to Dublin along with nathanjhunt to get GC43 a couple of years ago, for help. Almost as soon as I texted, I sorted the problem. However, Ian came back to me by text and then by phone. I was almost back at the car within my 30 mins by then but we chatted for a good while, agreeing to tackle some series in Cambs once the pandemic was under control.

I was hungry by this time so bought an hour’s time and set off for Costa. As I was eating my sausage bap, I received a message from Gillywig, the CO of the ST saying that he’d noted that I was in town. He told me that a trad Marks Farm Geocache had just been published and I should  give it a try. I thanked him and looked it up - it was  4/1.5!!! I wolfed down my bap and took the coffee with me. I reached the search area and soon spotted why it was a 4. I must have looked silly hanging off a bus shelter but the cache was soon in hand and the log sheet was blank.😀

I had worked out the coords for the AdLabs Bonus and that was next on the list but I spotted another trad just up the road. A film about a Geocache was a clever idea and that one was added to the tally.

I had a quick find of the Bonus on the way to Bocking where I collected the CM...URC multi. Checking the map for other stuff around an the 3/2 Spiders Treasure caught my eye. I caught the spider but no treasure.🤔

I went up to Panfield to try my luck at the dastardly VS and VHS but had to join the list of failed punters here.🥴 I decided to try my luck in Coggeshall where kareninwb had set out quite a few series caches but on the way there, I had unfinished business in Stisted. There was a clever multi here which I had solved a couple of years previously. The cache had a habit of falling out of its hiding place and into the ditch and it hadn’t been found for a long time. I couldn’t find it and presumed that it was MIA. A couple of days later, it was archived.

When I got down to Coggeshall, I couldn’t find anywhere close to where I wanted to park so ended up outside St Peter’s church when there was a new CM multi. I worked out the coords but noted that there was a trad near the car, so silly not too. I set off for the CM final and continued walking around the town picking up the WM trad, the CM...St Bernard trad, the clever VHS mystery and then the CM...Christchurch multi. On the way back to the motor, I couldn’t resist having a look at the place that was once Gardner’s Little Coggeshall Brewer near the river. A long time ago, when I was into Brewery History, Mrs Gardner asked me to do a proper research into the history of the place.

i spent many separate days there. Mrs Gardner, who was in her 80s and ran a bookshop from the premises, always provided me with a lunch, venison, pheasant, that sort of thing. She owned the Portobello pub, now a private dwelling, next door and I had to go in there and ask for a pint of whatever beer I wanted to wash the food down. How I suffered!

Reminiscing over, I walked backed to the car and set off for home via Witham where I added another 1/1 trad Moats Farm Chase (Poods 5) to my collection.

2 Mystery 3 Multi 5 AlLab 9 Trad