13. Dec, 2020

Maldon Gold

This was another early call as I wanted to be in Maldon before it got light to tackle the new Maldon’s Heritage AdLab series set by kareninwb. I was hoping to gain a bit of time using street lighting if possible but I had my trusty torch in my pocket. 

There were no problems at the Leper Hospital but at the Largest Man, I could find the plaque with the info. I cracked it by using the internet. I had a real problem at the Workhouse as the info on the blue plaque wouldn’t go through the checker. Although it was about ten to eight, I speculatively texted Karen for help.

I left the series and sorted out the splendid CM Maldon...URC multi and then up at the High Street whilst I was working out the coords to CM Maldon...Methodist, the message came through that the blue plaque had recently been replaced leaving out the required info. Karen kindly gave me the right info and I was through the checker and on my way down to Hythe Quay.

There was another new multi at Maldon Barges which was a clever use of the parts of a Thames Sailing barge. I resumed the AdLab series and found the U3A mural and was on to the next stage. This was almost a mile away at the statue of Bryhtnoth who led the Saxons in the Battle Of Maldon against the Danes in 991 AD. On the way there, I started being passed by runners in funny clothing. It wasn’t until a Santa with a Reindeer on his back passed me that it was a Christmas Fun Run. By the look on some of the runners’ faces, there wasn’t a lot of fun about.🙁

So I had completed the AdLab series and now had the info to work out the coords to the Bonus. So on the way back to the Hythe via Promenace Park,  I was able to pick up the bonus as well as the Methodist and the Barges multis. The bonus would be nearly impossible to get on a normal sunny day but luckily the place was deserted.

I had a look at the progress being made on the Steam Tug Brent restoration. This is moored up next to the Barge Tea Rooms on the Sailing Barge Resourceful, where I held an Australia Day event a couple of years ago. This is the only time that I’ve been on a boat event.

I was almost finished in Maldon but I had one last cache to look for. I had been struggling with The 12 Daves Of Christmas mystery for ages and was finally down to one unknown Dave. Luckily I had enough info to work out the coords but substitution.😀 The cache container was very festive deserving of a fave.

On the way back home, I picked up the Crows Lane trad on the road out of Stow Maries and was still home by ten o’clock.

Oh, why Maldon Gold, it’s my favourite beer from the Mighty Oak Brewery based in one of the surviving buildings of the former Maldon West railway station.

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