17. Dec, 2020

1/1 - 501 Over and Out

I reckoned that if I headed up towards Clacton-on-Sea, there were enough 1/1 caches up that way for me to reach the magic 500 that I needed for that challenge cache. So as dawn broke, I parked up in a supermarket car park that gave three hours free parking. I walked down to the pier where I had a WM, a trad and an AdLab series to tackle.

I started with the WM Clacton-on-Sea multi and walked down past the Martello Tower to the final stage. I walked back to the pier and found the 3/1.5 Clacton Pier trad. Now was the time to try the Clacton Then and Now AdLab series.However I wish that I had looked at this one first as I had to walk back to the Martello Tower for one of the stages.🙁

I had a good walk around the town ending up at the Town Hall. There was a bonus attached to the series and once I had the coords at the final stage, I quickly found the 1/1 mystery. Just up the road was the ST - Clacton trad, an easy find but one I had been after for a while.

I walked back to the car and had enough time for breakfast in Costa before the end of my allocated time. Once I was fed and coffeed, I drove out to Clacton Airfield for the 1/1 trad. Next up was the 1/1 trads at The Grand and CM Clacton...St Paul’s.

It was now time to leave Clacton behind and travel up to Holland-on-Sea for a number of CMs. I found the Methodist multi plus the Baptist and St Bartholomew CMs. I drove out of town to Little Clacton for the CM trad and then took off to Thorpe-le-Soken. There was an easy 1/1 trad at the WM but the VS trad took me a long time. It was DNFed last time out but I eventually sniffed out the trad hidden behind a wall and for good measure, behind a dustbin on private property.🤔

I was going home via Rowhedge and as I was passing through Weeley, I noticed the village green and remembered that I had unfinished business here. I had failed at the 2/1.5 Village Pond a couple of times before so I decided to have another look as I was passing. I searched the usual places and suddenly the hiding place was apparent. I was well pleased to take this one of my wants list.

Outside Rowhedge, I stopped off From Tiny Acorns, a 2.5/1.5 mystery that I’d solved the night before. I eventually found the appropriate cache buried under a pile of autumnal debris. A bit down the road was CM Rowhedge...Mariner’s Chapel multI which was MIA last time I was here but recently replaced. On my way out of town, I picked up the VS Rowhedge (2) multi.

I needed three 1/1s on the way home to reach my monkey target and the first was just past Maldon at the CM...Ulting trad. Once this was in hand, I set off for South Woodham Ferrers. I parked up on the Saltcoats trading estate and quickly found the Saltcoats trad. Just up the road was the last cache of the day, the 1/1 trad King Edwards Road. This was such an easy find.

So that was it, it’s over, it’s done.😀 To make absolutely sure, I checked my stats on the official site and saw that I had 501 1/1s!!!🥴  So I‘m not going to get another 1/1 ever, unless, of course, it’s a CM, WM, VS or any other series cache.

2 Mystery 4 Multi 5 AdLab 14 Traditional