20. Dec, 2020

Romping Round Romford

I haven’t been very far west for quite a long while and as I’ve been itching to do the History of Romford AdLab series, it was time to travel down the A127. I parked up in Raphael’s Park just as dawn broke and the first part of the AdLab was just across the road. 

I then visited the Town Hall and St Andrew Church but this one proved elusive. I couldn’t find the required gravestone maybe because it was wet. I had to text NeilandJen for help and luckily Neil came back with the answer. I quickly found the CM...Romford trad and then resumed the AdLab series. I moved on to the Golden Lion pub just down the road and then The Brewery. A long time ago when the Ind, Coope Brewery was still in operation, I was able to go on a splendid visit.

I walked back to the car and then set off to find a short list of Church Micros. I drove down the A12 further into London and swung a left at the Whalebone lights. I hadn’t realised that this was Chadwell Heath, I always thought that it was Dagenham. At the CM Chadwell Heath ~ URC, there was a memorial to the WW2 civilian dead here which formed the basis for the multi. Once I had found the cache, I moved on around the corner to the CM Chadwell Heath multi. This one was confusing and I wasted a lot of time at false coords but I eventually struck lucky.

I moved onto Becontree for a couple of CM trads at St Thomas and then more difficult and cunningly placed St Mary. I drove down to Rush Green past the West Ham training ground. I remember when Romford FC used the stadium here. I followed them for a while and met a good crowd of chaps there. However today, I was after the easy trad CM...Rush Green ~ St Augustine which didn’t take long.😀

It was really time that I headed home and the best route took me through Hornchurch. There were a lot of caches here but I settled for just the one, the CM...Hornchurch ~ Holy Cross trad. This was another quick find and I followed the route finder back to the A127. Suddenly I realised that I was passing ST Emerson Park Station so I quickly stopped. Now if that trad is there, it is superbly hidden. In fact it has had a couple of DNFs since my visit,