22. Dec, 2020

The Burnham Bends

If you have ever driven out across the Dengie Peninsula, you will know that the Burnham Bends is not some strain of decompression sickness but the annoyingly meandering road into Burnham-on-Crouch. As it’s a point of historical importance that the Romans had a fort at Bradwell, why didn’t they build a straight road. Maybe the Centurion Clerk-Of-Works in charge of the job had had too many vinos.

Anyway, I‘ve come out to Burnham to have a try at the Walk Though The Coast Line AdLab series. It started at the ClockTower and worked its way out to the Lifeboat Station via the Museum. I always enjoy looking at the WW2 concrete water carrying vessels that have been converted into house boats. You know, I’d live in one if Burnham wasn’t in the back of nowhere.🤔 In the marina, I spotted CK6 - Asterix, built in Tollesbury in 1991. Hopefully there is enough ship building expertise there to help resurrect the U.K. fishing industry.

On the way back from the marina, I had a look at the Wooley Hat mystery. I got myself into the blackthorn thicket but unfortunately the code that I had worked was wrong and I couldn’t open the tumbler padlock. I retired to have another think about my miscalculation.

The final stage of the AdLabs was at the war memorial and it took me ages to fathom out the right answer to complete the series. Luckily there was a cafe doing takeaways so I had my usual coffee and a sausage sandwich. Impressively they had English Mustard, something that these coffee chains don’t do. Red or Brown, Sir? I actually have a sachet of Colman’s in my geo kit.😀

So with tummy happy, I set off for Latchingdon. I was after the Birds and Bees trad just down the road from “The Latch” where Bean’n’Sprout has held a couple of events. I had failed here before and it looked that I might do again but I finally spotted the cunning cache out of the corner of my eye.

I drove down to Althorne Station where I picked up the Fine Pair - Althorne, a 3/2 mystery and then carried on to the sea wall. I walked down towards the A View Over Bridgemarsh Island #1 : Cliffords Farm trad. How did they manage to farm on that island, was there a bridge. Thoughts, bridge, marsh, island, I think I’ve cracked it.🤔

Next up was the VS North Fambridge trad and I had a quick find here. I wanted to clear up caches in the area so had to try for the 2/2 Stop Look Listen trad. This was obviously on a railway crossing but how to get out to it. I decided on the route but how I wished that I had donned my wellingtons. It was so muddy and it took me ages to pick a path but luckily I had a quick find in the search area.

I was now off to Purleigh to get a few caches but it‘s a pity that the VS is still out of action. I actually put wellies on and they were definitely necessary for the walk towards the Mount. I soon found the 2/2.5 WM multi which I had solved previously. I slushed my way up to the 2/2 Purleigh Mount trad and then set off back into the village. There was a tenuous route to the Vineyard View trad, which well laid out in the cache details but it didn’t make sense when I got out there. I soon found the cache though and walked back through the vines. 

1 Multi 1 Mystery 5 Adventure Labs 6 Traditional