29. Dec, 2020

Laindon Loop


I needed to get out for a walk so decided to pop the couple of miles over to Laindon For the Laindon Loop AdLab series. It wouldn’t take long and it looks that most of it could be done as a cache and dash, with a bit of walking at the end.

I started at the station and had guessed what the question was even before I left home. I was right too, I didn’t even have to get out of the car. 😀 I broke off the series to visit my CM...Langdon Hills New and replace the MIA cache.

I started back on the series but I wasn’t finding it very educational apart from a memorial stone at one of the churches. However you have to feel for the CO. The area has been decimated of any historical buildings during the building of the New Town. There were some fantastic buildings here that mysteriously burnt down during the 50s. I have put off doing an AdLab series in Basildon because there’s nothing of any historical interest left except for churches.

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