31. Dec, 2020

The Hidden History Of East Tilbury

I needed a Last Day souvenir today so I slipped out for an early walk and headed for East Tilbury. Now this place is full of industrial and military architecture and I was interested in how the History Of East Tilbury AdLab series would bring this out.

I have researched the Bata Shoe Factory and the Victorian Coalhouse Fort in the past as well spending every Saturday morning for months, birdwatching on the sea wall so knew the area well. On completion of the series, I thought that the CO brought lesser known facts to light and I was really impressed by the war memorial.

Now Bata used to have a fantastic sports complex including an immaculate football pitch which I am proud to say that I played on once. In fact, it was so good that West Ham United used to play a friendly there every close season in the 60s. In fact, Harry Redknapp, mentioned this in one of his books. He wrote that every player was very keen to be involved in this match. The fact that everyone was given two pairs of shoes free may have had something to do with it.

On the way home, I called in at the VHS - Orsett to check if one of my TBs was still in situ. Lots have people have visited the cache but the TB is supposedly still there, or was it? Yes it was.☹️

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