1. Jan, 2021

Happy New Year

Happy New Year or ‘Appy Ontff as my Dad would have said.😀

I need to get out today and find a cache as there’s an official souvenir for those hardy folk who go geocaching on NYD. The nearest unfounded cache to me was Maisey’s Munch, a 1.5/2.5 trad, a couple of miles away in South Benfleet. I got a sense from the previous logs that I would need a TOTT so I went equipped.🤔

 I knew the area well having been a governor at one of the nearby schools. I parked my car further away from the cache than I needed to but I needed a walk too. Actually I had never been this far up this unmade road and there were some nice gaffs up here.

The cache itself was high up on a footpath sign but my TOTT bought at the last Kent Mega was very useful for retrieval and replacement. As I was signing the log sheet, three horseladies not of the apocalypse (I think) appeared from the bridle way. I wished them a Happy New Year. After the pleasantries, set off back down the track for home.

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