9. Jan, 2021

Hadleigh Great Wood

Another early morning‘s Geocaching trying to stay incognito. 😎 I walked into the woods about 10 minutes before dawn. It was very cold but at least it was dry. It was still very muddy though but I go on with it. It was a pleasant walk for just under the hour gathering the answers to Mathsnut’s questions. I guessed that the butterfly answer would be its foodstuff. I have spent a lot of time in the past observing these lovely creatures. There is another lovely creature in these woods but I had never seen one only photos.

There was a bonus to this Hadleigh Great Wood AdLab series and once I had worked out the coords, I made a bee-line to the search area. There were a couple of decent hint items but I just couldn’t spot the cache anywhere. I sent Mathsnut a plea for help and set off for grobo’s The Belfairs Letterbox cache. This was based on three projections and I worked out an approximate search area before I left home.

I walked towards the search area but, as an insurance, paced out the necessary distance from one of the projection points. I knew that I was in the right area and started to look for the ”obstacle” mentioned in many of the previous logs. I turned round and spotted it. Oh gawd, how am I going to tackle this? I had to take a leap of faith which luckily paid off first time but I knew that I was  going to have to do a repeat performance.🥴

I wandered up and down the tree line before I spotted the clever cache. After carrying out the necessary clerical duties, I had to overcome the “obstacle” again. This time, I found a slightly better route and was mightily relieved to emerge unscathed.

Luckily I had received a text from Mathsnut with a little more info re the bonus. I had been taking the hint a bit too literally and I soon had the cache in hand. I had probably been knocking my head against it in my previous search.🤔

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