12. Jan, 2021

Won’t You Be My Coo Ca Choo

I have to take my car in for its MOT test this morning on the Basildon Industrial Estate and I will have an hour to kill. There was a trad Twins 1474 - No#1 about a mile away on the way into Wickford so I should be able to trek out there and back in time.

I walked almost into Wickford and turned down Borwick Lane which I had passed hundreds of time but never ventured down. However I had passed a new dwelling called Wexford Cottage which stirred a memory but more of that later.

I walked a long way down the track catching up with previous logs. The cache had just been replaced after being washed away so it was near a steam or a brook. I had to get out of the road as an Environmental Agency van was coming the other way. Were the water levels up again and was this a wasted journey?

I got to the search area and had a quick find of the cache. With three strong magnets on it, it wasn’t going anywhere soon.😀 I retraced my way back to the main road and was back at the garage to find that my car had passed its test.😀 I had walked just short of three miles.

Now before the cottage had been built there was a cafe there run by Mrs Jewry, who had a son called Bernard. He was a decent singer and changed his name to Shane Fenton, having moderate success. However, as glam rock came in, he changed his name to Alvin Stardust and he became an international star. The only things that had changed were the names.

Now who’s ever heard of the singer Gerry Dorsey from Leicester? Again, moderate success but as Engelbert Humperdinck, he became one of the finest middle of the road” singers in the world.

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