24. Jan, 2021

A Stroll Around Chipping Ongar and Blackmore

Well, I’ve finally got out but it’s bloody cold outside and it took me a few minutes to scrape the ice of the car.

During this 2nd or is it the 3rd lockdown, my plan is to do as many AdLabs so I don’t have to handle too many caches. Although I am carrying antiseptic wipes and gel, you can’t be too careful.

I started out just after dawn in Chipping Ongar for the A Stroll Around Ongar AdLab series. I have spent many happy hours in this market town as I had a few mates here from the radio station over in North Weald. I spent 40 minutes strolling around town visiting the information zones. I never knew that there were so many blue plaques here. I have put some photos taken on the stroll in a photo album linked off the VangeRover On Tour page.

I was next going over to Blackmore but I had a detour via High Ongar for the 13. Everyone loves a C &D trad. I have failed here before but at least the cache was MIA then. This time it was no problemo.😀 

I got into Blackmore, a village with a splendid Tea Rooms, previously voted #1 in Essex. Having eaten there in the past, it’s certainly well up there on my fave list. I set about the Blackmore Village AdLab series starting at the Church. The bases were closely spaced together so the series didn’t take that long.

There is a splendid War Memorial here which deserves a cache. Hopefully someone will rectify that soon. In fact there is scope for a lot more caches here.

1 Traditional 10 AdLab