27. Jan, 2021

Ecclesiastical Epping

I’m visiting Epping this morning for an ecclesiastical extravaganza.šŸ¤” I started off at the CM...Epping - St John the Baptist multi with its huge tower. I had failed to get the right coords here before Christmas but the CO pointed out the error of my ways so no problem this morning.

So with the Church of England denomination out of the way, I then started on the Epping : the other churches AdLab series. I visited places of worship for the Methodists, the Baptists, Roman Catholics, Quakers and the Plymouth Brethren.šŸ¤” There was a bonus added for the series but I saw that it wasn’t found on its last visit so I saved it for later. As it turned out, I ran out of time so     didn’t look for it.

After a take away breakfast from Cafe Nero, I drove up the road and onto Stonards Hill recreation ground where I parked up in their car park. I knew that Epping Town had played here many years ago and they were in the Isthmian League so they were at a decent level.šŸ¤”

I quickly found the KMR’s Cache trad which had eluded me so time ago before embarking on the Stonard’s Wander series of trads. There were five here but I couldn’t find the first one. I didn’t want to leave it so spent some time here. I must have attracted some attention as a van pulled up and a chap got out. He asked if he could help me. I said that I was ok. He then said that he was the park groundsman and asked what I was doing so I told him. He said that he had heard of geocaching but I wasn‘t so sure. He then started telling me about all the drainage problems that he had had in that corner. šŸ„“ I asked him where Epping Town used to play and he was able to point that out to me.

I finished the rest of the series and was close to the B181 to North Weald so I decided to have a look for the bonus cache of the History of Epping AdLab series that I had missed out on the last time I was in town.

With this one sorted, I crossed the main road into a remnant of Epping Forest. There are two trads here that I want to look for, one is The Lake, a 3/3, and Lower Epping Forest, a 2/2. I got to the former easily enough and then discovered that it was a 3D printed field puzzle. šŸ¤” I had to go to the nearby lake to get the code to open the cache. I got the code or what I thought was the code and went back to the cache. No joy, so I took the cache to the lake but still couldn’t open the box. A plea for help to the CO got a quick response but by this time I was on my way to the other cache in this part of the forest.

I always know that it’s going to be tricky to find when the CO adds a spoiler photo.šŸ™ This one proved to be no different as all the Hornbeam trees looked the same here. Luckily I didn’t faff around for too long to spot the bison and then set off back to The Lake. With the right code, the cache opened quickly. This cache fully deserved a fave and now I want to find a supplier as I want one.šŸ˜€

I crossed the North Weald road again and worked my way through the forest down to the start of the Coopersale Fields series.The fields were waterlogged making the journey longer as I didn’t want wringing wet trousers. šŸ¤” The caches were well tucked away but I found them all. I had time to veer off into more forest to pick up the Jessica-Amera Cache trad that had been on my list for a long time. By now I was back on paths and after about ten minutes, I was back at the car, deciding to give the AdLab bonus a miss until next week.

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