23. Feb, 2021

All Set - Orsett

We had to go over to the Minor Injury Unit at Orsett Hospital for them to examine my wife’s injured ankle. As they have hefty car parking charges there and anticipating a long wait, I drove the couple of miles into Grays.

I could see that there were a couple of caches that I hadn’t gone for in Blackshots Park so I thought that I’d give them a try. They were both 1/1 trads but it’s all about keeping the numbers up at the moment.🤔

I soon found Nut‘s About Books and then the trickier Gateway. I would have gone for more but it seems that the injury unit had broken (no pun intended) all records and my wife was free to go.

This wasn’t the end of the injury saga but that’s not for this blog. 🤔

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