24. Feb, 2021

Tiptree Tartare

I‘m still working out places for a circular walk where I could find a few caches and not bump into anyone. I settled on the RSPB Old Hall Marshes where there’s a series called Back To The 80s. Only walkers are allowed on the reserve so I parked up next to Salcott Church and walked out to the sea wall. There was a multi here Back To The 80s - Talking Heads which I quickly solved. I walked along the sea wall to the search area for a quick find.

There was a bonus attached to the series which needed clues from each cache. I wasn’t best pleased when the next cache was MIA but I didn’t have any problems with the remaining caches. Although I was one number short, I worked out the coords to Back To The 80s ~ Blondie Bonus and found this well hidden cache when I got back into the village.

I was going into Tiptree next but on the way, I stopped off in Tolleshunt D‘Arcy for one of Mr Crow’s  infamous RR series of Mystery caches. RR164 ~ Hertz A Lot. The theme was something I’d spent a long career in. I could never understand why the industry and changed from cycles to hertz as cycles makes more sense. It must have been a Common Market thing.🥴

I was in town for two reasons and one of them was the Tiptree Tour AdLab series. There was also a bonus cache which was handy as I am collecting these for the Loadsamoney Challenge series. 

The Tiptree Tour was a linear walk stretching down the High Street from the Pond to the Wilkin & Son Fruit Factory. I gathered all the info but was very disappointed down at Wilkin’s as the shop was shut. The other reason why I was in town was that the company had recently added Tartare Sauce to their range and I wanted to buy a jar. Luckily I was able to buy some at Millins of Tiptree on the walk back.😀

With the bonus coords in hand, I headed out to collect that well placed cache and on the way back, stopped off for the CM - Tiptree mystery cache. I only had one more task in town and that was to visit the Water Tower. A trad had recently been placed here as part of a series of Essex Water Tower caches. Needless to say, I am also very interested in this field of industrial architecture. 🤔

On the way home, I stopped off at All Saints Church, Great Braxted for the CM trad.This was a very quick find which was amazing for a Mr Crow cache.😀 I spent some time looking for the war grave in the church yard but I couldn’t find it.

1 Multi, 4 Mystery, 5 AdLabs, 11 Traditional