28. Feb, 2021

Sidcup Hiccups

I got cut off in my prime last Sunday in Scadbury Park when trying to complete some Wherigo caches. I had finished Scadbury Story and gained the coords but I thought that I’d messed up the bonus.🥴 It turned out that I hadn’t so I was back to visit the remaining bases of the Story to get the bonus coords.

I arrived in the car park just before dawn and set off towards the Story cache. It was dry and at least some of the mud from the previous week had hardened up. After a ten minute undulating walk, I arrived in the search area. I didn’t need the photo spoiler as the hint was enough. I was very pleased to sign the log sheet.

I had three bases to visit and this would test the CO’s prediction that the coords for the bonus would pop out and they did.😀💥💥 However the final for this was out of the Park but I could see that I could work this in with the Scadbury Stroll Wherigo which was predicted to take half an hour.

So I walked back to the car and then on to the starting point of the Stroll. Once I was out of the Park and into the Stroll, I detoured off to pick up the Story bonus which was well hidden in ivy. There were some splendid houses, or “drums” as my dad would have said, on the way. One of them had placed some freebie stuff at the end of their drive and I did contemplate coming back for the upright CD cabinet but I thought better of it. My wife would only have said “haven’t you got enough junk?” 🥴 

I was back on the Stroll and it was just like doing an AdLab series but this one had a well hidden cache on a disused gate at the end of it. I prefer Wherigos although AdLabs do earn more points.🤔 Having finished these three, There was one more Wherigo that I wanted to try this morning and that was Frogs, just north of the A20 in Sidcup Green.

I found it difficult to park anywhere near where I wanted to be so ended up about half a mile away and walked back. Frogs was situated in a walled, communal garden and was a very interesting concept based on politics. 🤔 There were five bases, one in each corner and one in the middle which was the starting base. 

I was confused at the start when David Cameron told me he had lost his keys and gave me €20 to find them. In each of the corners was a political figure who all wanted something, tell me about it! 🥴 Boris wanted a bike, I forget what Gove wanted but I soon tumbled that everything had to found in order. I soon worked out the required order and the downside was that Theresa May gave me the coords.☹️ However the upside was that I was able to give Nigel Farage £20 to buy some beer. 😀😀

At least the cache was an easy find nearby and I carried on to locate the WM - Sidcup QMH mystery cache in the nearby woods. I walked across the very wet Green to the 4/1.5 WM - Sidcup multi knowing that I would have my work cut out to get this one. 

I gathered all the information that I could at the magnificent tribute to the war dead shown in the photo. I then walked down the road to the nearby church to look for what else I needed. I found most but not all of the info so returned to the WM for another look but no joy. As I had conversed with the CO before, I sent him a tentative text to narrow down the search area for the remaining but vital piece of info. However, with time beating me again, it was time to move on.

Just down the road apiece was the WM - Footscray multi which I had worked out on a previous visit. So after a quick find here, I popped up the road to gather the info for the CM - Footscray multi so save for another day. In the meantime, Rupert had come back to me to pinpoint the search area for the remaining hint for WM - Sidcup. It was in an area that I had only given a cursory glance.🤔🥴🤬🤯

1 Multi 1 Mystery 4 Wherigo