3. Mar, 2021

An Apple A Day

There‘s a Geo Art series down in Kent called Adam’s Apple. It‘s a six mile walk consisting of mainly 2/3 Letterboxes and a few mysteries all based on πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ˜€

There was one puzzle that I could just not get through the checker so I contacted the CO maattmoo for a further hint. Matt came back with some help but dropped the hint that he was thinking of archiving the whole series because of field realignment on the farms.πŸ₯΄ There was no time to lose as I didn’t want to waste all that hard work.

So a couple of days later, I was looking for a parking place at the stroke of dawn, in the village of Rodersham which was the start of the walk. Unfortunately the walk started off with disaster as one of the challenges associated with the walk, the 5/2 Another Apple A Day had been disabled the day before due to the removal of the hint item.🀬 Still it isn’t being archived so I’ll pick it up when it comes on stream again. 

The circular walk went well with few mishaps. I couldn’t find the 3.5/1.5 An Apple A Day Challenge despite a long look. However nearby was the 2/4 Relight My Fire trad which looked very interesting.πŸ€” So here’s the scene, a small hill covered in undergrowth, surrounded by a moat with a derelict cottage on the top, and the cache is in there somewhere. Luckily I found a spot where years of falling leaves had formed a solid enough path across the water so made my way up to the cottage. I checked a couple of places noting lots of loose bricks and turned the corner to find what was in the photo.πŸ€”

Now during my Radio Station days, one of the tasks of the maintenance team was to replace the propellant in fire extinguishers so I wasn’t fazed but was this one live or a dud? Well it had to be the cache as it was chained up so I unscrewed the head and found the cunning cache inside. 

I carried on collecting the Apples but failed at the VS Kingsdown trad. The last seeker had failed here too so I guess that the container has come loose and fallen down the tube.πŸ€” I carried on south until another footpath took me west following the line of the M20. I thought it was amazing to hear all the birds singing absolutely oblivious to the loud traffic noise which was driving me crazy.πŸ™ However the path deviated away after a mile or so and the noise disappeared. I had to convince myself that I hadn’t gone deaf.πŸ˜€

I finally reached Rodersham again and only had a few more to complete the circuit. I failed at #35 which was on the fringe of the village lake. I found the VS multi though which appropriately counted the number of apples on the sign to gain the coords. After three more caches, passing through apple orchard, I was done. I had a half hearted try for the CM multi but the light was poor in the Lych gate so I couldn’t gather all the info. However if it had been the start of the day, I might have thought differently.πŸ€”πŸ˜€ 

1 Multi 1 Traditional 6 Mystery 22 Letterbox