23. Mar, 2021

Gamble, Fawkham

I hoping to finish of the Fawkham Green Gamble this morning and when the alarm went off this morning at 0540 instead of 0440, I realised that the chances of this were slim. However I thought that I’d give it my best shot and drove down to Fawkham Green and parked across the road to the WM and the VS.

I set off up Sun Hill and quickly started the day off with a quick find at #34, a 2/2 trad which was logically the finish of the series. However I was doing this in a haphazard way fitting it in with other caches and the time that I had available. 

I carried on down the slope to the #33 trad and up the other side to the #32 trad. I covered a classic Dip Slope here which I found out about when I did the 4.5/3 VS~480 Fawkham Green (Dip Slope Earthcache.) Once back on the road, in fact, School Lane, I found the info for the #31 multi, which I would do later. I carried on down the lane gathering trad down to #26 but picking up the info for the #29 multi. When I reached #26, I realised that I had lost a glove but at least I could follow my path back and look for it.

I turned off down a bridle path collecting trads down to #20 where I reversed and walked all the way back to the final of #29 which was worth a fave point due to the container and the field puzzle. I picked up the final of #31 and set off back to the Dip Slope but I still hadn’t found my glove. Luckily I found it at #33.

BacK in the village centre, I reckoned that I had enough time to almost finish the series so I set off up Michael’s Lane before branching off onto the footpath down to #1, a useful 2.5/3.5 Letterbox which was quickly found. I set off up the slope to finish off the rest of the trads in this section. I found #2 and worked my way up to #5 but there were workmen here doing some ground work on the golf course.

I gave this a swerve and quickly found #6 in a copse but had to go back to #5. I didn’t want to leave this but it didn’t look I could get it. However I returned, the digger had paused and I tried to suss out where the cache was - the digger driver opened his cab and asked if he could help - I asked him if he knew what geocaching was and he did.😀 I said that there was a cache in that hedge there and would be give me a couple of minutes to look for I. He said ok and the cache was quickly found - I asked the driver if he was a geocacher and he said no but his little sister was - he started up the digger and I wished him well.

So I followed my tracks back into the village and set off for home but my caching day wasn’t done. I had worked out the final coords to the #14 multi last week and I had a quick find here of the final cache of this splendid series.

1 Letterbox 1 Mystery 3 Multi 17 Traditional