30. Mar, 2021

Virtually Yours

For my first “official” trip out since the latest Coronavirus lockdown, I have decided to come a bit further afield to try to find some caches to meet a few challenges. My plan was to get into the Ramsgate area as dawn broke and find two virtual caches which would qualify me for a challenge in Faversham and one near Kemsing.

I would then work my way through a few villages collecting Church micros and Village sign caches to the the Clowes Wood Puzzles Series south of Whitstable. This series of 4D jigsaws took me absolutely ages to complete after originally discarding them.

I would finish off the day in Faversham picking up some challenge caches in particular those in the 100 Challenge Series. Here’s how the day went.

I parked up on the Cliffsend front overlooking the Channel as dawn broke and saw the Viking Ship for the first time. I was here for the Virtual The Viking’s Have Landed. It took me a while to find the source of the information as there were so many waypoints but I eventually did and sent my answers off to the CO maatmoo. Matt had also put a multi at the nearby VS and as it was a 3/3, I gave it a whirl but I couldn’t find the cache so had to leave it.

I drove a couple of miles out of town and wasn’t sure whether I was in Ramsgate or not to a cemetery. I was here for another virtual, one dedicated to a pal of the CO, Petzone2. Robert Calvert was a song writer, poet and a member of the band Hawkwind and he wrote their classic number Silver Machine. I only saw them play once, at the Mile End Sundown but they were in their heyday.

From here, I meandered through the villages down to Clowes Wood picking up CM and VS caches. There was series of 14 Unknown caches here, all 4D jigsaw puzzles. The jigsaws were the most difficult that I have ever tried. Imagine a black page with small white dots as a 420 piece jigsaw and you have some idea of the challenge. I had looked at #1 of the series last year and thought, no way but with the second lockdown, I persevered and finally finished them all. 

Luckily the circular path through the woods was almost a road so I made good time.I managed to find 11 of the caches and I am sure that the other three are missing. If not they are bloody well hidden. As they are #11, #13 and #14 near the carpark, I will probably return if they are replaced.

I was now going in the direction of Faversham but there was a challenge cache at Clapham Hill on the way. I parked up in a new shopping centre which had unfortunately blocked off the footpath that I wanted to get up to the 3.5/2 13th day of every month Unknown. This was a quick find once I had gone all around the houses to get into the search area.🥴

Now I was definitely going into Faversham for a series of Unknown Challenge caches set by maatmoo for a Kentish event. All you had to do to qualify is find 100 Traditional up to Wherigo caches.🤔 I had qualified for the Virtual this morning but still had the necessary number of Events and Wherigos to get. For once, I signed these in anticipation for another day.

I had a pleasant walk around the Faversham footpaths accompanied by the CO by text wishing me luck with the series. Matt was also ruing being stuck at work and jealous of me walking around in the glorious sunshine. 

2 Traditional 2 Virtual 3 Multi 19 Unknown