7. Apr, 2021

Geocaching In Kent

Kentish cacher, barrowman1 has set a circular series, 13 miles in length, of 79 Unknown caches, called GIK aka Geocaching In Kent. These are all jigsaw puzzles of photos of Kent geocachers or people who have done a lot of caching in the county.

I parked up in the car park of Bossingham Village Hall as dawn broke. I quickly found GIK01, a VHS  and soon added GIK02, the WM. I then set out on the figure of eight walk down into Stelling Minnis  and then out into the country. 

Some of the caches were quickly found but some and one in particular, took an age. I couldn’t find #43, #45 and #64 but it seems that these were already MIA. In fact, they have all been replaced by the CO. The walk took me seven hours which was a good training walk for some of the 100+ cache in a day challenges that I have in mind.

76 Unknown