12. Apr, 2021

Tyre Pressure

A few days ago, I was contacted by a cacher from Shropshire, NevilleDog_n_Humans regarding You Know My Name, a 4/1.5 Letterbox cache, a few miles from me in Rettendon. As I was the last one to find it, he was after a nudge, which I willingly gave.

He came back asking if I had had any luck with 139. COE : Paris (Not Tonight, Josephine), a 3/5 Letterbox down near Yalding in Kent. Now I thought that jazzyjessups had archived this series and although I had done quite a few, I hadn’t done 139. I was immediately interested because of the D/T and quickly solved the puzzle and then nudged Neville.

After doing the hard work, I decided to move quickly so was parking near the search area at dawn for a very quick find. I followed this up with a find at the 3/2 Letterbox at #135. COE, which had eluded me before.😀 The trad, Kent Oast Houses #13 Near East Peckham was next on my list but as I parked up, the tyre pressure warning light illumimated on my dashboard. The tyres looked ok and I had had this before and didn’t want to take any chances. My garage in Basildon wouldn’t open until 0830 and it was still early so I had time for a few caches before I left for home.

I drove up to the multi CM East Peckham ~ St Michael’s, perched on top of the hill and soon the well hidden cache after a short walk over a field. I walked back through the church yard for Welcome to the top of the Weald, a trad that had been placed in 3/2005. A short drive down the hill took me to the trad 84. COE and I was able to walk on to the 3/2 multI, 83. COE.

It was now time to head to the garage where luckily there were no visible damage to the tyres. It seems that the type of tyre pressure valves have a poor reputation for false readings.🥴

2 Letterbox 2 Multi 3 Traditional