14. Apr, 2021

Cunning Murrell

I had a couple of hours to myself so set off to Hadleigh to walk the “Cunning” Murrell AdLab series  set by Mathsnut. Now I had no idea who “Cunning” was but there’s a lot of his existence still on show in the town.

James 'Cunning' Murrell was the seventh son of a seventh son, a witch, a 'cunning man', and he lived in Hadleigh during the 19th Century. Many people sought his magical assistance; he provided herbal remedies, divined for lost objects, foretold the future and cast and broke spells. Many tales of his doings have been passed down through the generations and become legends. I read of some of them as I completed the series.

Luckily there was a bonus attached to the series and as I was hunting for that, I was approached by local cacher, Scarecrow Rog, who is the great, great etc., grandson of Mr Murrell. We chatted for a while hoping that local events would soon start again. I had another look for the cache and then I spotted where it would be. My, that was cunning.😀 

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