16. Apr, 2021

Hunting For Unicorns

There‘s a series of 100 caches called Unicorns down in Kent to the east of Sittingbourne that I’ve been working on for ages. Consisting of Letterboxes, Multis, Unknowns and Wherigos, I have solved what I can of the series and I’ve reached the point that I can’t see me solving anymore. So it’s time to come down and start finding what I can and move on to more challenges. Here’s how the morning went.

I didn’t know the lie of the land so parked up in Station Road, Teynham and walked down to #089, a 1/4 Unknown. It was supposedly 10+ feet up but I couldn’t see it from any angle so after quite a while  decided to leave it. It was a disappointment but heyho.

There was a circular route of Multi caches so I walked a good half mile up to the start of that. On the way, I found the 1/3.5 #092 Unknown. I need to boost my numbers of this D/T so this was a welcome find. I got to #037, the start of the Multis but the information was missing from the milestone but there was a snippet of info in a previous log. This gave me half of what I needed and I worked out the rest to get the coords.

I started down a dusty track finding two Unknowns, the 4.5/2 #093 and the 2/3 #094 before reaching the search area for #037 where I had a quick find. There were a few Wherigo caches in the series that had hoped to get to but #097 was a reverse Wherigo so I had begun to take a couple of readings.

I was quite successful with the Multis although some of the information needed was devious but I found up to #041 but then joined the list of those who couldn’t find #042 and #043. These had been missing for some time. I had worked out where the #097 Wherigo was so decided to deviate off route for that which was an error in many ways as I found out the next week. 

There was a lot of barbed wire guarding the Wherigo container and I caught my hand on it.🤬 I was carrying plaster after the episode on the Fawkham Gamble a few weeks ago but I hadn’t brought any scissors with me.🤯

I got up to the search area for #044 which was near a road and while I was searching for the cache, a young mother pushing her baby walked past. I asked her if she had any scissors but unfortunately she didn’t. However there was a cottage over the road so I went and knocked on the door. I explained I would like to briefly borrow some scissors and the very kind lady let me wash the cut and helped me dress the wound. I mentioned that I was geocaching. She said that she knew all about that and knew where the caches were in the orchard. I said that I couldn’t find the one over the road so she showed me where it was!😀

I couldn’t do #045 as the numbering on the telegraph pole had been changed but there were no problems at #046. I had real problems at #047 though as I kept making a mess of counting the numbers of the alphabet on road signs. It was so disapointing that when I eventually met the check sum, the 4/1 cache was missing. I finished off the multi section with quick finds at #048 and #049.

I crossed the busy London Road and set off north on footpaths picking up more Unknowns - #50, #53 and #57. I was anticipating a find at #58, a 1/3.5 which would have been handy but this one was missing.🥴 #59, #60 and #61 were quickly added to the tally and again I was hoping for great things at the next one on my list. #66, a 4/2.5 had taken me ages to solve but the previous looker had had a DNF but I had to try. It was no joy for me at the obvious host which looked like an Owl or Hawk roosting place. A previous log mentioned finding a dead rat on the hint item.🥴 

It was here that I decided that I needed to be heading back towards the car. I had St Mary’s Church at Teynham in sight and I had been taking readings for the #097 Wherigo CM here. The sound of the church quarter bells had been keeping me company since I had crossed the London Road and the bells struck noon as I signed the log sheet of #69.

I located the site of #97 but didn’t sign the log. I’m working on a 250K CM challenge and the 9623  points will come in handy on the day I undertake the challenge. Whilst I was at the church, I chatted to some cyclists about their electric bikes and then took a photo of the Church and the Union Jack flying at half mast for the Duke of Edinburgh, who would be buried the next day.

I worked my way south picking up #70, #71 and #72 until I got to the railway line and then walked down Station Road back to the motor. I had one last task for the day and that was going down into Lynsted to the CM 5637 to garner more info for that 250K challenge.

By the way, I have to find CMs worth a quarter of a million points in a day for that challenge.🤔

1 Wherigo 9 Multi 16 Unknown