22. Apr, 2021

Most Unicorns Are Hiding

I‘m back in the land of the Unicorns today and I hope that I have more luck finding them than I did last week. Being more familiar with the lie of the land, I parked up at dawn near the recreation ground in Frognal Lane to have a try at the numerous Wherigo caches based here.

Before I started the Wherigo hunt, I had a look for the #88 Unknown which was reported as MIA by the last searcher. This is a really cunning placement so I have no idea how this could be missing but it was.šŸ¤”

So on to the Wherigo. I started with #96 and followed the route but instead of giving me final coords, I was led into the search area but I couldn’t find the cache so it was back to the park. I had done #97 last week so I started on #98 and completed this one only to find that the search area was about a mile away.šŸ„“ So it was on to #99 but I couldn’t guess the second answer so gave up. 

I had had enough of Wherigos by now and set off for #99 which was a long walk away but an easy find when I got there. I put in the log that I had been in town for 90 minutes and this was my first logged cache.šŸ„“ I had to pass what was the final stage of #96 on the way back to the car and as I walked past, I had a brainwave. Now that was cunningly placed.šŸ˜€ 

Back at the car, I drove up towards Teynham Station parking near the village sign. I had solved the 3/1.5 VS Unknown, the day before and was pleased with the quick find. I walked up to the station (sadly no SideTracked cache here) and crossed the footbridge out into the countryside to tackle a string of Unknown caches.

I followed the footpath out to #73, a 4/1.5, which had taken ages to solved and then followed the fenced off path out to #74. The hint item and hence the cache was missing here so off I went to #74. Once I got there, I could see why it was a 2.5/4. However the cache was soon found, On top of the world, Ma!

There was then a run of three DNFs on the way into Conyer. I was getting the uneasy feeling that this series was being targetted.šŸ¤” Was it that I was having a bad day, the CO had been unable to come out and maintain due to Covid but there seems to be rather too many DNFs for me on this series.

Anyway, I arrived in Conyer and sought out the VS multi. The final was up near the boatyard but unfortunately I couldn’t get close enough to look for Thames barges and fishing smacks. The multi was a quick find and I set off back on the footpath towards the station wondering if I would find anymore Unicorns.  

I had only solved two of the caches on this stretch and luckily I found them both so #80 and #82 were in the bag. The footpath passed the 4.5/2 trad Aggre-gate which had attracted lots of DNFs for the past few months. It‘s so obviously missing but I added a DNF anyway.

Once I got back to the car, I had my almost elevenses of a hot cross bun and a banana. I now wanted to get down to Norton Church (see the photo) for more Unicorns. I stopped off en route for the 2/3 #28 Letterbox which was large enough to drop two TBs that I have been carrying for too long. In Norton, I wanted to solve the CM multi to have 9123 points in the bag for 250K Day. I worked out where the cache was but set off in the other direction on the Unicorn hunt. I was so disappointed at the 4/2 #25to find it missing and probably MIA for about six months. This had been a particularly difficult puzzle about the WW2 aircraft carrier HMS Unicorn that had taken me months to crack.šŸ„“ To add more salt to the wound, I had a similar story to tell at #26.

I made a decision here. I had got nowhere near as many caches this morning as I had hoped. As I was passing the start of the G4ME ON series to get to the CM, I decided to work out a circular route of G4ME ONs and Unicorns. I checked out the CM and then did the 01,02, 24 and 23 trads which brought me nicely up to #23, a 4/2.5 but sadly missing. I did a short linear run picking up #20, #21 and #22 which included two more 4/2.5s. I had another dip out at #23 on the way back but at least found #24 on the way back to the car.

I drove down to Lynsted to pick up the last clue for the CM5637 multi. The final wasn’t too far away so I wandered down there just to check it out. I made another decision and followed on to Unicorn #1, a Letterbox where I left my last remaining TB. I carrived on with a circular walk around the village picking up #9 and #12, a 4/1.5. I was running low on battery but just managed to get back to the car ok.

I had one last call to make and that was at the CM7901 multi in Rodmersham. I had codsed up here before but I was able to sort out all the clues in the Lych gate this time. I found the clever hiding place so I can save it for later. 

1 Multi 2 Letterbox 2 Wherigo 4 Traditional 11 Unknown