25. Apr, 2021

It’s A Jubilee

I’d failed miserably with the series of Wherigo caches in Jubilee Country Park last week so I‘m back in town to have another try. As the car park for JCP didn’t open until 0600, I stopped off at the multi CM Bromley Common ~ St Augustine’s first and then the trad CM Bromley Common ~ St Luke’s. 

I pulled into the JCP car park just after six and fired up the Wherigo app. There are twelve Wherigos in the series and the first one went like a dream. 😀 However there was an odd problem at the second, Wood Mouse. The name of the migrant bird was obvious but it failed the checker🥴 I decided to continue with the rest of the series which went well until the penultimate, Scots Pine. The answer again was obvious but again it failed the checker. 🤔

I decided to contact the CO to highlight the problems and luckily he came back with the answers that I had, despite it still being early. I cheekily asked him for the coords as my answers were correct and luckily he agreed.🤔 So I was able to add a dozen Wherigos to the list but I am still a long way short of my target of a century.

It was a couple of weeks ago in the churchyard of St Giles in Farnborough Common when I noticed a memorial to Levi and Urania Boswell, the King and Queen of the Romanies. So it was a pure coincidence that I spotted the next cache, the Unknown Tugmutton Common, which was all about the pair of them.😀 I had a quick find here and moved on in to Orpington where I found a couple of WM multis ~ Orpington - St Paul’s and Orpington. Unfortunately these were to be the last caches in a very fruitful morning. 

1 Traditional 1 Unknown 3 Multi 12 Wherigo