7. May, 2021

It’s Friday

Last Friday, my wife received an invite for lunch from her pal in South Benfleet. They hadn’t seen each other for such a long time due to the lock down. I drove her over there and came home to do a few little jobs. However when I went over to pick her up at four o’clock, the traffic was horrendous and a seven minute journey became forty minutes.🤬

So this week, we decided that I would would drop her off at two o’clock and come back in a couple of hours but stay over this way. Now what could I do for a couple of hours?🤔 It was time to pick off some of the local caches that I never seem to have time for.😀

I parked up near Coombe Woods in Thundersley at the top of Bread and Cheese Hill. I walked down into the woods and started looking for the trad Titchmarsh Teaser. I was surprised how rugged the terrain was and the tree cover was making it difficult for the GPS to lock on. It took me about half an hour to realise that I was in the wrong place and looking for a cache that I had  found years ago. I couldn’t find it today though.🥴 I climbed back up the valley to the right place and had a very quick find.

I drove over to Woodside Park at the top of Manor Road. Way past this in the mass of old farm land that stretches up to the Arterial Road, there were four trads that I hadn’t found. The area now has many spacious houses in lots of land down very poor roads, There are many stables, catteries and doggeries over here in the back of nowhere.

I set out on the long walk over to Dan’s Dollop. Unfortunately as this area is fairly quiet, it has become a fly tippers paradise. It beats me that someone would come over here in their motor, knocking hell out of their leaf springs to dump stuff when they could more easily go to Pitsea tip or should I say, Recycling Centre. 

Rant over, I quickly found the cache and set off back through the detritus towards the next cache, Aretha’s Artefact. This was another quick find which was good as I was running out of time. There was time for one more though and that was Out of Place. This was a pine cone in a hawthorn tree so truly out of place! I got back in time to meet my wife as there was no traffic.😀

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