12. May, 2021

Everard Papworth

TI have so many Challenge caches that I have qualified but not yet found, I must get out and get some before they disappear.πŸ˜€ To start things off, I decided to go up to Papworth Everard, west of Cambridge, to look for the It’s All About The Cache Owner Challenge. It’s a 5/1.5 so would be a good start. But it wasn’t 🀬 the cache was missing.🀯

I made the most of it though by picking up a lot of trads in the village including the CM and some clever 3/1s in the Ermine Street Run series. I moved on towards Yelling, taking in the Team Taw Unknown on the way.

I parked up on the outskirts of Yelling and made my way to the final of the VHs Unknown. The hints given by the CO are so helpful that the caches almost find themselves.πŸ˜€ I walked into the village for the CM but it was quite close to where the local vigilante speeding police were setting up their equipment so I left it and walked further on down the hill. I then found that I was in a hollow with absolutely no phone signal.

I walked back up the hill, swiftly nabbing the CM trad whilst the vigilantes were scrutinising the speed of a tractor, and back to the car. I had regained my phone signal so I pulled up all the caches in the village and downloaded all the hints.πŸ˜€

Deciding that I would use the car to save a bit of time, I drove round to the CM Baptist multi. However the cache was MIA so I drove back the centre of the village, picking up the trad VS on the way. Now I had the hints, the trad LB (1) was a quick find and I carried on towards the multi LB (2). This was a subtle puzzle ending with me hacking back six foot high nettles to carry out the paperwork.

The pretty village of Toseland was my next port of call. I soon found the two trad CMS perhaps a hundred yards apart and then set off north to Graveley, for another CM and a VS. I was heading north as I wanted to pick up the Letterbox CM at Papworth St Agnes.

Having achieved my mission, I headed south towards Croxton. I found the 3.5/1.5 YELLING sidetrack plus one of the lay-by series before finding that the CM in Croxton was in the middle of a huge country estate.πŸ˜€ The multi was difficult and I couldn’t find all of the information but I had enough detail to get the coords. The cache was outside the grounds of the estate and I soon had the nibbled container in hand.

Eltisley was next on my list and until recently didn’t have any caches. however ryo62 had rectified this big time. I had noted that the VS was disabled so had sought permission from Ross to replace it if necessary.

i parked up next to the huge village green and decided the best course of action. I had already worked out two Unknown jigsaw caches, a Trigtastic and the CM dedicated to St Panionia. Yes, I thought it was Paranoia too, which would have been a first.πŸ€” I haven’t been able find out much about Panionia, apart from the Panionium was a Greek festival before the Phoenicians hit town. So Panionia must have been a saint of Greek origins. However in my research, I stumbled across the blog of the-gardners, who are Geocachers that I have never come across. I have bookmarked their site for future reading.πŸ˜€

So back to the plan, I started working out the coords to all the multis to get an idea of the route to gather them all up In a circular walk. There was a single trad which I quickly found and then I set off. First to fall was the A Fine Pair multi and then the VHs multi. I found the Trigtastic next and set off into the countryside for St Paranoia until I hit the road. There were two WM multis in the village which was unusual and then the route brought me back to the village green. I had one last errand and that was the VS multi. The cache was indeed MIA so I put down my replacement and sent Ross a photo of it in situ.πŸ™‚

Having cleared up, I set off towards Caxton Gibbet where I would get something to eat.I detoured for one of the Hello Huntingdonshire series of trads on the way to lunch. Having encountered the Covid thought police in the Costa, I set off just around the corner down the former Cambridge Road to have a look for the make  like a goat #1 trad. This was a 2.5/4 and spotted the cache ok but it was much too high for me. There was nothing to cling too so this one needed a ladder which I didn’t have. πŸ™ I tried to use an old oil drum to gain some height but no joy. Now the next bit is absolutely true.

I walked out of the copse and there was a fire lady who asked if she could get through to the shops this way. I said that there wasn’t and followed her to the road where there was a fire engine.πŸ€” I asked her if I could borrow a ladder and she asked why. I explained about geocaching but unfortunately, she said that she couldn’t lend me a ladder because of ‘elf and safety.☹️

I drove south towards Caxton and had a pleasant little run of five caches. The multi at the Baptist CM was the first one found and then it was the WM,VHs and the other CM in the village. There was another intriguing trad on a bridle way just out of the village - the 3/3 Wood Worm. This was quickly found but a bit disappointing.πŸ€”

It was time to go home but I needed a bit of shopping so headed for the supermarket in Cambourne. I bought what I needed including a very nice English grown Lavender. Oh my, there‘s a 3/1 Off Yer Trolley trad here.πŸ˜€ This was a quick find but it didn’t have a log sheet.πŸ€” I put in a temporary log and set off for home.