14. May, 2021

It’s Friday Again

It’s Friday afternoon again and I have a spare couple of hours to kill.😀 I am going to have a look at the Old Leigh AdLab series. I parked up underneath the Belton Bridge and paid a pound for an hour‘s worth of car parking time.

The first stage of the series was just across the road at the Old Fisherman’s Chapel. There was a bonus cache attached to the series so I made sure to get the info for that. I walked through the old town picking up three vital pieces of info and then crossed the railway bridge at the former Leigh-on-Sea station.

I climbed up the long flight of steps to the church and as gathered my breath, I paid my respects to the crew of the Renown. This was one of the cockle bawleys that made its way to Dunkirk to rescue our soldiers in 1940. Unfortunately, these local fishermen perished when the boat brushed a mine in the fog on a return journey.

Having gathered enough info for the bonus, I worked out the coords and then made a fundamental error. I mistook the original coords for my solved coords and headed back to the car park.🤬 By the time, I realised my mistake, I had lost all the height so had to trek back. I was very conscious of the time as I had heard that the parking police were over zealous here. I had a short but thorough look but I couldn’t spot the prize so I skedaddled back to the car. 

No ticket 😀 so I set off up to the A13 and had a look for the new trad at CM ~ St Margaret’s. This was a quick find despite the coords being out. There was another trad nearby that had been on my list for a couple of years. Agnes just loves fur was cunningly placed but quickly found though.

I know that I am trying to steer away from 1/1 trads but Bee‘s-ting was only a few hundred yards down the road so it was a case of, silly not to.😀 Again just up the road was another trad -  Buzz Buzz 40 : A Happy Day To Start Spring. It was a 1/1.5 but it was also a Regular size cache which was interesting.🤔 This was a very built up area so where would it be? Well it was very cleverly placed but the cache was absolutely rammed full with Bee related swaps.🐝🐝🐝 I was tempted to take something but I didn’t have anything to swap.🙁

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