24. May, 2021


Just before the lock down, we had arranged a wowcher deal at a country hotel in Shirrel Heath, a little village sitting between Winchester and Southampton in Hampshire. Our visit had to be postponed twice but now we were actually going. Only one problem, the weather forecast was atrocious. We had a good night in the bar and the next day, we went out for a short drive down to the village of Hambleton.

As always, I had noted which caches were around the area and I was very pleased that the 5/2.5 GC4R8ZT Up The 13 Steps - Challenge Cache was nearby. You will have to look up what is needed for this cache.  I had finally qualified for this one on the 3rd August 2018 on my way to the Yorkshire Mega.😀

The nearest parking area for the 13 Steps was over a mile from the search area. However there were a few other caches on route. It was raining as we parked up and I set off down the track sheltering under the umbrella that my wife loaned me.⛱

The first cache was the Viewpoint Challenge Cache - Silver Unknown which was quickly found. Amazingly the rain stopped and the sun came out. The steam off the wet grass was misting up my spectacles. I found three of the Hambleton Rambleton series of trads on the way to the 13 Steps where I had a quick find of a well hidden ammo box.😀 I extended my walk to pick up the Anniversary Challenge Unknown. Although I do not qualify for this, it was silly not to find the ammo box and sign the log.😀

I walked back to the car and as I fired up the engine, the rain came. It seems that I had chosen the only dry 45 minutes of the day to geocache.😀 As we sat having lunch in the Old Forge cafe in Hambleton, the sleet was so heavy that it was bouncing off the road.

2 Unknown 3 Traditional