25. May, 2021


I got up early this morning and set off on a little adventure that had to be finished by eight thirty as I had to be back for breakfast.

I stopped off up the road for the clever CM multi. There was a trad nearby, one of a series that I had never heard of - Hill Bagging Series ~ Bishop’s Hill TUMP. I drove up into Swanmore where I swiftly found the CM ~ Methodist trad. The CM multi was more of a challenge though. It took me a couple of returns to find this very cunningly placed cache. Just down the road was the trad VHs (Mk II) which didn’t take long to find. 

Waltham Chase was the next port of call and there was a trad CM and a VHs multi here that were  quickly gathered. I stopped off in the small village of Shedfield just down the road from the hotel.  There were three multis here, the VHs at the old Victorian Reading Rooms, the CM and The Old Tower. The last two involved a walk out through the back of the graveyard through an agricultural equipment retirement home which even included a boat.🥴 This led to an ancient forest out to the caches which were soon found.

I was now in a dilemma. I  was conscious of my time. I am beginning to build up a listing of different icons in different counties so I had this in mind. I could now choose from a Virtual or a Letterbox but there were more of the latter so the Letterbox won. I drove down to Whiteley Woods where I found #18 and #20 of the Whiteley Walk series of Letterboxes. That was it, now back for breakfast. 😀 

2 Letterbox 4 Traditional 6 Multi