26. May, 2021

Dry Drayton

I was going back to West Cambridgeshire and not for a GeoArt series.😀 I started the day just before seven o’clock when I picked up the WM Unknown at the American Cemetery outside Madingley. This was the bonus of the AdLab series that I completed a week or so back.

I drove into Madingley outside the Hall and sorted out the VS multi and then the CM trad. I was keen to visit Dry Drayton, a place that I hadn’t visited before. I came close on the It’s Music To My Ears series but my route took me away from the village.

I parked outside the church and walked back for the Black Bunnies Of Dry Drayton trad. This ammo box was quickly found. I didn’t see any of the bunnies though. I have bred rabbits before, even having an Essex Champion in its class. I specialised in the Chocolate and Lilac so know a bit about the genetics. To get the local bunnies, two blacks would had to be released into the wild.

I worked out the coords for the CM and the VS multi. Once I knew where they were, I decided the CM was the first to go for. However I detoured to the CM Dry Drayton ~ True Jesus trad for a quick find. After collecting the well hidden CM, I walked back to the car as the VS would be a short drive back towards Madingley. 

My next stop was on the other side of the village. My targets were a short linear series of World Traveller Unknowns and a LB multi. I quickly found the Bronze (three continents) and the Silver (four continents). I included Africa here as I have found caches in the Canary Islands which is geographically in Africa but politically in Spain hence Europe. Some Project GC checkers recognise this and unfortunately some don’t. I only found this out when this randomly appeared in a checker for a JJ cache.😀

I walked over the field track to the LB and found the cache after sorting out the coords. The Gold was here under the bridge but as I haven’t found caches in five continents, I can’t claim it, yet. Hopefully I can stretch the Caribbean into South America next year.🤔

I was off to Elsworth but the quickest route took me through Knapwell. I stopped off for the Call Me (Blondie) trad and continued on. I parked outside the church and immediately noticed the blue plaque for Reverend Auden, the author of Thomas the Tank Engine who lived here. 

I started with the WM multi but realised that was going to be a short drive outside town. I walked through the churchyard to the CM trad but that was sadly MIA.🤔 There were three LB trads in town which I eventually got despite the iphone coverage in the village being worse than poor. It seems that the place is in a hollow. I also picked up the VS trad on my travels and then set off to pick up the WM.

I drove over to Hilton which looked rich in caches but turned out to be a disappointment. I quickly found the VHs trad and then the LB tradbut then it sort of turned sour. There were three multis in town, one at the Methodist was a bit hit and miss and I missed it. I had heard about this cache before from Infinison. This was the place that he and gillywig had visited on their CM day a year or so back when gillywig realised that he had lost his car keys, which were never ever found.🤯

Anyway I couldn’t find the cache or the keys so I moved on up the road to the Milestone multi and gathered the coords for that. I went to the CM at the church but that was missing as was the plaque for gather the coords for the Sparrows Celebration multi. Y’know, I had had enough so never bothered with the Milestone and headed off to Papworth Everard.

I had been here a couple of weeks ago for the 5/1.5 It’s All About The Cache Owner Challenge Unknown but it was missing. It had been replaced so I wanted to come here soonest in case it wandered again. I had a quick find and set off for the Gransdens.

Great and Little Gransdens are two very closely linked villages. I parked up by the trad VS in GG for a quick find and then walked back up the road to work out the coords for the multi VHs. The final for this one was on the way out of town so I left it until later. I drove down to the trad WM which was easy and then walked through the graveyard for the more difficult CM trad. 

It was only a short distance down to LG where I soon bagged the trad VS and the multi VHs. The trad CM was just down the road so all that was left was the GG VHs multi or was it. I was passing another of the Hello Huntingdonshire trads so silly not to. The VHs was a quick find too.

I still had a couple of hours left, so I made my way up to Wareley. I had already solved the VHs Unknown by completing a jigsaw indoors so this was a quick find. There was also CM and VS multis here too and they were no problem solving and finding. The inscription on the photograp was from the old well in front of the church.

I took myself down into Gamlingay where there were a plethora of caches. I started at the WM multi and stored the final coords for later. I tried to solve the CM multi but not all the info was available. I guessed that the church notice board had been recently replaced so I phoned up the vicar to ask him the time of Holy Communion. I made a point of asking if it had been 0930 or 9.30 and he confirmed the former. There had also been a confusing calculation and I contacted the CO for clarification. Thankfully they responded quickly.

I solved the FP multi and that was a quick find. On the way, I looked for the WM but that was MIA. The same CO owned all these three caches so I contacted them again to confirm my coords for the CM. I also advised them that a few people had failed to find the WM now and asked if this could be checked. I haven’t had a response so there’s not much point in going back to Gamlingay is it? The rest of the caches in town could also be missing.

I wanted to end the day on a positive note so I sought out RST - Gamlingay Station and this trad was quickly found.😀 

5 Unknown 11 Multi 16 Traditional