30. May, 2021

A Quarter of A Million

Like many of you, I’m planning my trip up to the Lincolnshire Mega already. However as I only need Greater Manchester to complete my caching visits to each county of England, I will be making a fleeting visit to Marple Bridge just below Stockport there on a round about journey.šŸ¤”

I was looking for Challenge Caches on to way to and fro and came across GC5PPPR, the Church Micro Quarter Million Challenge. This has to be achieved in a 48 hour period and it took a lot of planning. I was hoping to complete the challenge in one day but three crucial caches let me down.

I had to start at noon today but I had until sunset. It started well enough in Dartford but a 13k multi was unexpected missing in Swanscombe.šŸ„“ I drove down onto the Isle of Sheppey where there were fourteen 10k+ CMs. Unfortunately the CMs In Leydown, Sheerness ~ St Henry and Sheerness ~ Community were all missing. I sort of realised that I couldn’t complete the challenge today if at all but I plodded on.

The list of CMs Found is there to see but this only gave me 214k on the day so I would have to find another 36k tomorrow, if they were available in the few hours that I had.

I only found two extra caches on the day and one was an empty TB hotel trad near Sitingbourne as it had the word Bug in it. This is for yet another Challenge.šŸ˜€ The other cache was the 5/2  Another Apple A Day Challenge down near Rodmersham.

I gave up at ten to nine and would have to check up if it was possible to complete the challenge when I got home.šŸ¤”

CM 13669 - Dartford ~ Highfield Road
CM 13620 - Eastchurch
CM 13621 - Minster ~ Bethel
CM 13622 - Minster ~ RC
CM 13623 - Minster ~ Baptist
CM 13624 - Minster ~ St Peter 
CM 13619 - Sheerness ~ Baptist 
CM 13617 - Sheerness ~ Holy Trinity 
CM13618 - Sheerness ~ URC
CM 9237 - Sheerness ~ Dockyard 
CM 9397 - Queensborough 
CM 6073 - Iwade
CM 2088 - Milton Regis
CM 8406 - Murston ~ All Saints 
CM 1163 - Murston ~ All Saints Old
CM 13515 - Sittingbourne ~ Salvation 
CM 7358 - Newington ~ Methodist 
CM 4328 - Tonge
CM 7623 - Teynham St Mary
CM 9123 - Norton 
CM 5637 - Lynsted
CM 7901 - Rodmersham

1 Wherigo 4 Unknown 8 Traditional 11 Multi