31. May, 2021

Screaming Eagles

This was going to be called Topping Up but I’ve changed it for reasons which will be apparent at the end. Well, I got home last night and scanned my lists and found three CMs that would make up for the setback that I suffered yesterday. There had been some new caches published in Great Wakering and a CM cache in Grays had been enabled so I was in with a chance. Here’s what happened.

I was up early and had found the trad at the Grays ~ URC by five to six. I had also noted that a trad had been published last night - Shoebury Military Railway and as that was two miles from Wakering, I would have to try for that. As it was, I was surprised to get an FTF on the trad which made the day sweeter.

I parked up outside the old Fire Station in Great Wakering High Street and walked back to pick up the recently re-incarnated CM trad. I walked back up the road to the VHs multi and once I had sorted this out, it also turned out to be a quick find. I tentatively worked out the coords to the CM Methodist and virtually ran up Burroughs Road towards the Great Wakering Rovers ground. This too was a quick find, thankfully. I had one more cache to find in town and that was the VS Unknown. This was a jigsaw which I solved last night. The container was so small and well hidden that I almost missed it but I didn’t.😀

Now it was time for the moment of truth. I parked up near Bell Corner named after the local pub which is no longer called The Bell, it‘s a harvester or something equally bland. Even the landmark bell has gone. I was in no mood for reminiscing though as I had a challenge to fulfil. I stretched out and my hand touched a nano in the nook of a tree - exhilaration.💥💥💥💥

I now had amassed the grand total of 256895 points and I hope that the challenge cache is in place when I go looking for it. 

So why the Screaming Eagles? I decided to treat myself to a breakfast to celebrate so called in on the cafe, westbound on the A127, that used to be called The Blinking Owl. As I was tucking into a fried plate just before eight, I heard the roar of motorbike exhausts heading past me and into Southend. It was Bank Holiday Monday, so was there a Shakedown in Southend or even a resurrected Ace Cafe Reunion but I thought that the miserable Southend Council had stopped those.

The roar became distant and then started getting louder...and louder... and...about fifty bikers appeared. I half expected the soft background music to change to “Born To Follow” by the Byrds as was featured in that biker classic film Easy Rider ... but it didn’t. The bikers all tramped in wearing their face masks and as they passed me on their way to the counter, the majority of them were wearing black leather jackets with Screaming Eagles on the back. 😀

CM 13504 - Grays ~ URC
CM 1036 - Great Wakering
CM 14010 - Great Wakering ~ Methodist 
CM13953 - Southend ~ Earls Hall Baptist 

1 Unknown 2 Multi 4 Traditional