3. Jun, 2021


I have been working on GC4RCNX 490 D/T Challenge for some time now. Basically I have to find ten caches in each square  of 1-4 of the D/T grid. I am reasonably close to completing the task but my problem square is 1/3.5 where I have only found five caches. So I decided that I had to do something about it.

I had identified a series of 1/3.5 caches called JaceyB’s goes Nuts down in Nutbourne in West Sussex which would fit the bill. The series had been around for a while and some of the caches had been archive.However, I only needed five so I sorted out a little run that had been found recently and went for those.

There was the added bonus that the series of eight Wizardio Challenges was only a couple of miles away. I had qualified for seven of these 5/1.5 challenges and hoped to qualify for the other one later in the day.

I parked up near the Rising Sun pub in Nutbourne just before seven. Alas there was no phone signal so I had to drive to a high spot and then download all the hints to the JaceyB caches on my list. I parked up in the same spot again and set off. 

I followed the track up to #24 and started off with a quick find.😀 However, no joy at #23 but I was back on track with #22. It was a bit of a route march but I found #20 to #18 and then turned heel for a mile and a half walk back though the Nutbourne Vineyard estates to get back to the car. 

I drove down to the Bury Farm fishing lakes carpark just past Watersfield and ignoring the anglers unloading their tackle, walked out to the start of the footpath. The first cache was  here but I knew that I had a bit of a walk so I left it until later. I then couldn’t #2 but I hadn’t qualified for this one. #3 and #4 were easy finds but a bit of a trek through lush green meadows.

Back at #2, the cache was eventually found and signed for later so I pressed on to #1. The hint was good but the cache was cunningly hidden elsewhere.🥴 Still they were all found which looked unlikely earlier.

#1 Wizardario‘s Challenge - Busy Day - Sizes

#2 Wizardario‘s Challenge - Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

#3 Wizardario‘s Challenge - Alphanumeric Cache Name

#4 Wizardario‘s Challenge - 366 Days

#5 Wizardario‘s Challenge - The Virtuals

#6 Wizardario‘s Challenge - The Traditionals

#7 Wizardario‘s Challenge - The Mysteries

#8 Wizardario‘s Challenge - !@#$%^&*()?

I had a short drive to get on to the next part of the series. I parked up near Waterfield Cricket Club and set off on a meandering walk to collect the well hidden caches. There were several hint items in each search area which added some difficulty to the task but they were all found.😀

I had a few traditional drive by caches next. In the neighbouring village of Coldwaltham, there were three, a CM, a VS and a VHs. These were all quickly found but I did linger at the Village Hall to look at the plant sale. Unfortunately it was all Geraniums and we are all geraniumed out at home.

Next up was the CM in Hardham and the find was a doddle. However I was very pleased that St. Giles’s Church was open as there are a large number of 12th century frescoes on the wall, one of which can be seen in the photograph.

The small market town of Pulborough was next on my list. I had crossed the old river bridge earlier and had wanted to have a closer look. I discovered later that there was a 3/2 trad here ~ Swan Bridge Pulborough. This was a quick find so moved on to St where there were two multis, a CM and a WM, using the same info source. Although the finals were in opposite directions, these were also quick finds.

I decided to move on to Horsham and on the outskirts of town was a trio of Challenge caches. The first two were a bit of a trek but I found the 4/2 An Oldie but a Goody (A Challenge Cache) and then doubled back for the 3/1.5 A Near and Far Challenge. This was very difficult to spot but I eventually got there.

The last Unknown was up near Roffey. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the 4/2 Favourite Cache Type Challenge. The previous finders had contacted the CO in desperation and he had guided them in. However as I didn’t know the CO, I decided against contacting so left it.

As a consolation, I found the RST ~ Roffey Road Halt trad just up the road so at least I finished the day on a positive note.😀

2 Multi 9 Unknown 11 Traditional