12. Jun, 2021

Studley 1

We are off to Studley Castle again. It’s not far from Stratford on Avon and only a couple,of miles from Redditch in Worcestershire. There’s a possibility that I can add a few icons to my County totals. However Geocaching is not the main purpose of the visit. Last night, James Brown was appearing at the Castle. Get on down! Tonight Status Quo are on stage. Down, Down, Deeper And Down.

As I have a thick head this morning and didn’t want to drive anywhere, I had a short walk around the castle grounds. There were a few caches nearby but I started off with a DNF at the trad Leocache. Maybe I couldn’t focus yet. 🥴

I found the footpath that I needed and set off across a couple of fields filled with sheep and their offspring. I crossed the Studley Road and into a field of knee high wet grass, which was just what I needed. I made it into the corner and soon found SCS 4 - Post, one of the Studley Castle Stroll series of trads. 

I headed north on farm tracks and across a horse grazing paddock until I reached a small stream. I was looking for GeoJosh, a 3/2 trad. This was a well hidden cache deep in a bush but I eventually found what I was looking for.

Now I was re-tracing my tracks back to the road but headed west along a field margin until I reached the well hidden SCS 2 - Oak. Now I had to get back to the Castle for breakfast but there were a number of locked farm gates to negotiate. However I did spot the footpaths that I needed to hopefully complete the SCS series another day.

We had always planned to visit Stratford - on - Avon today so we set off after breakfast to the home of the Bard. We wandered around the town ending up in Bancroft Gardens on the banks of the River Avon. As usual I was on the look out for an easy cache or two and I had spotted an AdLab  ~ Stratford Canal (Sou Section). Unfortunately this would have meant a linear nine mile walk to complete. So I made do with just one piece which was the Bancroft Bridge 70. 

Nearby was the 3/2 trad Bancroft Gardens - Barge Lock and as everyone was watch a pleasure Barge navigating the lock, I quickly snaffled the well hidden cache without anyone noticing. Even my own family didn’t realise that I had got the cache, they thought that I was trying to get a better position to watch the barge.😀 

1 Adventure Lab 4 Traditional