13. Jun, 2021

Studley 2

It was a quiet night last night although Status Quo were absolutely brilliant. I knew that I wanted to drive this morning so I only had a couple of sherbets. 😀 I was up at dawn as I wanted to get into Redditch and add a couple of icons to my Worcestershire list. 

I parked up on the outskirts of town and went for my first target. This was the 3/1.5 Bronze Favourites 5 * 500 Challenge. I couldn’t see the cache so checked the previous log. It seems that the cache was long time missing but the CO had allowed our local, well Epping, cacher Thallams to log the cache. I also asked for special dispensation but the CO couldn’t have read my message.🤔

The next one on my list was another of the same series, the 4/1.5 Gold Favourites 20 * 2000 Challenge. This cache involved a lot of bush whacking but I soon got into the search area where I found a brilliant custom cache which was well worth favourite points of its own.

I couldn’t find the Silver Favourites Unknown or the nearby CM Crabbes Cross ~ Methodist trad. So far I had a 25% strike rate so things were not at all going to plan. I moved closer to the town centre to the delightfully named village of Headless Cross for my first multi in the county. Luckily the 2/2 Doddin Orchard was a quick calculation and find. The community orchard had been set up to preserve the very rare Doddin apple.😀

I went right into the centre of town but struggled to find anywhere decent to park. Once that had been sorted, I walked back in and started on the Roundabout Redditch - Historical Sites AdLab series. I had hoped to complete this and was disappointed that I couldn’t get to see the BSA factory but I reached three of the sites.

One of these was St Andrews Church and nearby was the 2.5/1.5 multi WM. I worked out the coords at this magnificent memorial and noted this is the first time that I have seen the latest Afghanistan conflict on a memorial. The final stage for this one was out of town but not near the BSA factory so I would look for it on the way back to the hotel.

I had to visit the local Theatre as part of the AdLab series and I passed the sculpture shown in the photo. This memorial commemorates the victims of the Holocaust and depicts a child with his liberator.

On the way back, I was passing the 1/1 Stamp of Approval trad outside the sorting office so it was a case of silly not too, and hang the D/T ratio.😀 On the way out of town, I quickly picked up the WM before scooting back to the hotel for a poached haddock breakfast.

However, the geocaching day wasn’t finished. After breakfast, my brother-in-law asked me if I fancied a walk down to the local church and of course, I jumped at the chance.😀 I had been to the church before as I had found the CM, the last time we were here. The path was part of the Avon Way and there was the 2/2 SCS 6 ~ Gate on the way. 

We reached the church and spent some time reading the War Grave inscriptions as well as studying the rock in the church walls. Alan suggested walking on a bit further out to the winding river. I was happy to do this as I knew that the 2/2.5 Blessed Mary trad was out that way. As he paddled in the river, I found the cache. It was then time to return to the hotel for mid morning coffee.😀 

1 Unknown 2 Multi 3 Adventure Labs 3 Traditional