14. Jun, 2021

Studley 3

I decided that a lie in was needed this morning so had discounted any chance of a geocache today. After breakfast, we put our junk in the trunk, said our goodbyes and set off down the road, homeward bound. There are three song titles in that last sentence.😀

We have recently been compiling a bucket list and something that came up on both lists was a visit to Sir Winston Churchill’s grave in Bladon, Oxon. So we set the satnav and after meandering through the Warks/Oxon lanes ended up outside the churchyard.

We spent sometime at the grave and visiting the church itself. The commemorative stained glass window was fantastic and we worked our way through the list of tiny depictions of Churchill’s life in the glass. 

I was disappointed that there wasn’t a CM or a WM here but there was the easy multi “Dig for Victory“ but the final stage was further away than I had time for.🤔 We were also miffed that there wasn’t a cafe in town as we were both getting thirsty. I knew that there was an M40 Services at Kidlington just outside Oxford so we headed there and if we passed a cafe on the way, we would stop.

Unfortunately, we didn’t pass one and our tongues were hanging out when we hit the Services. Whilst we were having lunch, I had a sneaky peek to see if there was a cache here. I was pleased to see that there was the Motorway Mathem M40 Junction 8A here and ecstatic to see that it was a Letterbox. This would be a new icon for Oxon so whilst my wife took advantage of the free wifI, I quickly nipped out to make the find.😀

1 Letterbox