26. Jun, 2021


As it was a nice day we decided to pop over to Canvey Island to go on the amusements and have an ice cream. We parked up in Labworth Park and made our way to the arcades for a pounds worth of change. We eventually lost it all, boo hoo, and had a coffee in the adjacent cafe.

We decided against an ice cream but settled for a bag of chips from the nearby chippy. After polishing off the chips, we attempted to walk it off with a stroll along the sea wall. I enjoy looking at the commemorative seats but this time I couldn’t find the one dedIcated to the brilliant late Lee Brilleaux, the front man of the lengendary local but international band, Doctor Feelgood.

Along the sea wall was a relatively new trad A Nice Sea Veiw (sic) and I was allowed to look for it. After the quick find we made our way back into Labworth Park to read the newly established history boards. A distant sculpture caught my eye and we made our way over to what like a giant fly.

Evidently, this part of the park has been named Bumblebee Park and the sculpture was designed to pay homage to the Shrill Carder bumblebee – a rare species which is almost extinct in other parts of the UK, but still common on the island.

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