3. Jul, 2021

Ruby Rocks

When I go out early on a weekend, I invariably go down to Swanley in Kent, a place rich in caches mainly put out by the former local Geocaching maestro, jazzyjessups. Today was no different as I had spotted a series of Unknown caches published by the maestro that I had missed.

The Princess Ruby Rocks series was soon solved apart from #10 so off I went. My first cache of the day though was 001: NHS: Anaethetists (Bonus). This was a 4.5/4 Unknown that had been on my solved list for too long.

I then started gathering Rocks. They were all straight forward until I reached 07.This was a 1.5/1.5 but it was at the base of a hedge and it had been raining all night. I stood the wet for so long and then moved on.

I reached 09 which had been recently archived due to a complain. It was a quick find, easily reached from the public foot path so I saw no reason for its archive. I whizzed through the rest of the solved caches even solving the field puzzle for the bonus.😀

I drove down into Hextable and soon solved the VS (2) multi. I had a short walk through this beautiful, well maintained park and gardens interspersed with tree trunk carvings. I moved on into Swanley for the umpteenth time.🙂

I soon spotted the well positioned 3/1 WM trad and had another try for the CM Swanley ~ Apostles multi. I had better luck this time but it was still the same final stage that I had searched last year. There were still some caches in town that were bugging me and one of the them, a remnant of the SOS series, #20, a 2.5/2.5 trad was quickly spotted.

Time was running out so I headed for the tunnel via Wilmington. I soon solved the VHs multi.This was a clever idea and I soon had the coords for the cache. Unfortunately the host item was a roosting post and the previous cacher hadn’t replaced the container very well. I had to clean off a pile of guano before I could sign the log sheet.🥴 I had run out of time so reluctantly headed for home. 

2 Traditional 3 Multi 14 Unknown