11. Jul, 2021


I’m still keen to finish off this Anniversary challenge that I have been going on about so I have found two candidates down in Kent which should complete the challenge.

One of these was down near Mereworth in the woods and the other one was up on the North Downs near Kemsing. Here's how the morning went.

I was up early and through the tunnel (well, over the bridge before dawn) and pulled off the M20 and down into Wrotham Heath. This was also going to be a bit of a Letterbox day too and the first one on my list was the 4. Kent Mega 2015 Cache and Dash. I soon followed this up with a DNF at 5.  but quickly found 8.

Down in Hurst Woods near Mereworth was the Mereworth Meander series of trads. I parked up in the suggested parking spot and set off towards one of my main target, the Trigtastic #56 trad. I pick up #15 of the Meander on the way to the trig point. Gawd knows when this trig was placed but now it is in dense woodland and it took a while to even spot it. The birthday cache was soon found though. On the way back to the car, I added #13 and #14 of the Meander series to the list.


2 Unknown 6 Traditional 9 Letterbox