24. Jul, 2021

Revisiting Kent Views

It seems that the Geocaching maestro, jazzyjessups has upsticks and moved house, archiving many of his splendid series’ around Swanley. This has left a void but some cachers have started to fill that. There was a circular series on the slopes above Farningham and this has now been replaced by another series called Kent Views Revisited. I am going to give this one a go this morning.

The series is just over four miles long and consists of 25 caches, a mixture of trads, multis and a letterbox. I parked up just after dawn in the High Street and set about solving the nearby VHs multi. This was very cunning but I soon had some coords but the final was in the opposite direction to the one that I wanted so I left it until later.

I set off on the series starting with a multi and set off on familiar ground hoovering up caches. The weather forecast was dry in the morning but as usual, they don’t have a clue and after about an hour a steady drizzle set in. I made good progress though and only dipped out on two trad caches. At one of them, I got my legs caught in vines and I took an almighty tumble but Imwas able to make sure that my spectacles were undamaged.

As I reached the home straight on the way back into Farningham, I passed through new vineyards facing southwards on the down slope and in the next field, grazing Alpacas and sheep. I made it back into Farningham and realised that I had some wrong coords for the VHs but I soon rectIfied this.

As the rain was still falling, I planned to use the time that I had left into a few drive by caches. There was a mystery cache that I had solved a long time ago a short drive away going up the slope to where I had just walked so I wanted to clear that one off the list but I couldn’t find it and despondently drove on. I turned into Frank Lane and as I passed the cricket ground where the Letterbox cache was, I realised that one of my nemesis caches To Be Frank was just down the road. Goodness knows how many times I had looked for this one but no more as I soon spotted this very well hidden cache.😀

I had time for one more and drove back into Farningham and up some lane to the WM Jimmy Paterson trad. This was in memory of a 21 year old New Zealand pilot who crash landed and perished nearby during the Battle of Britain. RIP Jimmy.

1 Letterbox 3 Multi 22 Traditional