29. Jul, 2021


Now this was time for the biggie, the caching day to beat all others. I had planned to use the electric bike for this marathon but my right hand is still not right. I didn’t want it to break down half way round so I was going to use the car.☹️

I wanted to find at least 150 caches in the day and I could be out for the whole day up until it got dark. I had planned a decent route and I was only going for trads as I didn’t want to lose any time working out coords.

I found my first cache EHB #95 at 0601 and worked steadily through the day. Now the CO had placed them all to be found and they were all 1.5/1.5. However I was going to touch on other series on the way and I worked them into my plan.

In the end I found caches from the following series :-

Essex & Herts Borders,

Meesdon Bridge Loop 

Langley Loop

Great Chishill Gander,

plus assorted LB, CM, FP and VHs trads.

I called it a day at 1900 and had amassed 165 caches and was really pleased with this but disappointed to see some recent cachers had found far more than I had, starting three hours later and finishing earlier.🤔 Is it because I’m a solo cacher? Would I get higher numbers going out mob handed? How is it done? Are three or four caches found simultaneously and so on? I will still stick to being Hans Solo, going where I want, when I want, following my own agenda.😀 

165 Traditional