12. Aug, 2021

Congratulations 1000 ~ VangeRover

I should open with the fact that I had to pop up to Bishop’s Stortford on an errand on the 10th so took the opportunity to pick up the RST Hockerill Halt trad that has been on my radar for a long time. It was very fortuitous as it was also SideTracked day and I didn’t think that I would be able to get the souvenir.😀

1 Traditional 


Now let’s move on to today’s business.😀 As you know there’s a more than prolific CO who has put out thousands of caches in Hertfordshire and East Cambridgeshire.So many cachers have found  his caches that he has congratulated them if they have found a thousand and now even two thousand caches.

Now I want one of these and have been working on the caches of Ryo62 for some time. I have 976 and want to complete today. I spotted a circular series of trad 25 caches called Nuthampstead Nutcracker and thought that this would do nicely. The thing about a Ryo62 series is that the coords and the hints are spot on and the caches are placed to be found. I started at 0722 and finished up just an hour and a half later. It was on the way back to the car that I picked up the 2/2 trad Zebra in the bush.

It now became a bit of a drive by bonanza. I drove into Nuthampstead and found a couple of trads on the way out of town on the way to Barkway. I then found a couple more of the Congratulations mystery caches whose select band 😀 I had just joined and two more mysteries, the CM and the FP in Barkway.

I must have been on a shortened day for a reason that I cannot recall but my work was done by noon.🤔

4 Mystery 28 Traditional