2. Sep, 2021

The End of the Line

You will recall from the Missed The Last Stop blog that I had failed to collect tickets from all the stations on the Cambridge to Mildenhall railway line. Today I was going to put that right. In fact, I was visiting the RST Swaffham Prior trad first, as dawn broke. I was delighted to put the badge ( (evidently it’s not a souvenir) on my stat bar. 

I was now after a trio of Challenge Caches just north of the village but unfortunately I only qualified for one of them (at present). 😀 I started with the 4.5/1.5 Four Counties - A CITO Challenge but I only have two. Next up was the 4.5/2 Searching High & Low - an Elevation Challenge and here I’m 83m short. However I just qualified for the 4/2 Geosocial Butterfly - An Event Challenge with ten events in ten different counties.😀

I dropped back into Swaffham Prior for the very elusive Blowing in the wind trad. I spent a lot of time here but it was one of those where I didn’t want to give up. I drove on towards Burwell hoping that the ROAD CLOSED sign was an illusion. Unfortunately it wasn’t so I turned back and had a go at the 3/2.5 01 History of Burwell - The Devil’s Dyke trad. It had a long line of recent DNFs but I thought I would try. The search area was completely overgrown and I got right in there but no joy. NB the CO has since had a look and had to re-site the cache.

I took the detour back through Swaffham Prior and into Burwell picking up the first of a new series for me, FS #31 - Burwell Fire Station. This cunning trad was soon in hand and I moved on the park up in Burwell for breakfast. I went to the tried and tested Elk Cafe and ordered my usual Americano and in a twist ordered a very local sausage roll made by Powters the Butchers from just down the road. I’d have that again.😄😄

I left the Elk and strode down the road to look at VHs - Jubilee Reading Room Burwell. Once I had sorted the multi, the end game came very quickly. I then had a bit of a ride around town picking up the RST Burwell Tramway Terminus trad, the FYI Burwell Village Map multi and then on to the WM Burwell multi. I had failed here twice and now again today. In desperation, I texted the CO who thankfully came back very quickly to allow me to make a find.👍🏻

Carrying on around town, I found the VHs Mandeville Hall multi, the CM Burwell trad and lastly the Well I never Mr Windy (Burwell) at the fine preserved Tower Mill. For some reason, I drove out to the edge of town for the 1.5/1.5 Lizy? trad.🤔

Having finished up in Burwell, it was time to finally visiting Exning which had been on my Geocaching map for a long time. For a small town, it’s particularly rich in caches. I found four different VS caches, two trads and two multis, a WM and a FP trad, as well as a CM multI.😀

By this time, I was thinking of heading for home but I had a last couple of caches up my sleeve.🤔 I headed down the A14, diverting off onto the A14 until I got near to the M11. I quickly found the RST Bourne Bridge Stations and then the RST Pampisford trads. They are quite close together but they were on different branch lines. The CO must be keen as the last Bourne Bridge Station closed in 1851!!

1 Mystery 6 Multi 14 Traditional