16. Sep, 2021


I’m going back to Ashford today to try to gather up some more Wherigo caches. I had seen a series   of six Wherigos called The Bear Neccessities which started in Worten, a hamlet not far from Ashford. I saw a nearby series of puzzles A To I and I noted that they had been published to guide you back to your car once you’ve walked the Greensand Way. So I wondered what the Greensand Way was and found that it was a long distance walk. So I had a look around and found that there were many series’ of caches along it. Lo and behold, there was a series of traditional caches along the GSW Great Chart to Hothfield part of the walk. I also spotted that the solved A to I puzzles passed through Worten so I had a plan. Here’s how it panned out. 

I parked up in the suggested parking spot as first light approached and soon found the C Letterbox cache. I then fired up the Wherigo cartridge and set off on what turned out to be a circular walk back into Worten. With another six Wherigo caches added to my tally, I started on some more of the puzzles. I picked up the D letterbox, the E mystery, the F and G letterboxes, the H mystery and the I letterbox. The route took me through the Godinton estate and on to a footpath that skirted and then passed through the estate.

I was brought down to 07 GSW Great Chart to Hothfield and followed the easy path gathering mainly 1.5/2.5 trads up to #19. I then had to leave the series and branch south back down to Worten. However I was able to pick up the remaining mysteries, A and B.

I now was going to drive down to Great Chart for a few caches and the CM St Johns multi was first up. This hadn’t been found for a while but luckily I went straight to it. I added 01 GSW to the list but 02 was missing. I went up into the village but couldn’t find the CM or VS trads but I just joined the list of recent failures.🥴

I got down into Ashford a lot later than I hope and parked near the start of The Race for the FTF Wherigo. I started visiting the bases, taking in the 3/1 The first of many..., until I had the coords for the final stage. I was pleased to add another Wherigo to my tally.😀

I did make a start on the 007 series of wherigos but I couldn’t get past the second base. 🤬 Still I know where to start for next time, don’t I? 

2 Multi 4 Letterbox 5 Mystery 7 Wherigo 16 Traditional