2. Oct, 2021

Flash & Dash

I need to have attended a century of events to qualify for a challenge cache in Faversham that I have signed. As events seem to be few and far between, perhaps people are still worrying about the Covid restrictions, I thought that I would host a couple of my own.

I organised an event by the War Memorial in Billericay as it was free parking virtually all day and if it was raining, at least we could pop into one of the many cafes in the High Street. As it was, the forecast on the day was for torrential rain so I switched the venue to a Costa, very near to the car park.

I headed up to the original venue to see if anyone was there and a young chap walked up and started standing. I spotted the logo of the Lincolnshire Mega through his open coat so it was obvious what he was here for. Mlockbugs said that his dad and another cacher were sheltering under the awning at the front of Costa so we headed down.

We got to Costa where we met up with Mlockbugs_Dad and Bluebell241. I had never met these cachers before and I was particularly pleased to meet the new Basildon cacher, Bluebell. A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a USA cacher, who said that a Geocaching friend of his, was having problems contacting me about one of my caches.😀😀

We headed into the cafe and there were lots of spare tables so we grabbed a couple whilst some of the party ordered their coffees. An exasperated Happileigh arrived having had problems starting the History of Billericay AdLab series. The meeting got underway and the thirty minutes stretched into ninety. We had a real good natter about past and future caching adventures. It was a shame to wrap it all up. 

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