3. Oct, 2021

VangeRover Tours Buckhurst Hill

I had planned to come over to Buckhurst Hill to at least get The Portuguese Tramway Large trad for yet another challenge. As I had been over here a few times and knew that there was a decent Costa with free parking. It seemed a good idea to have an early meeting as the venue opened at eight thirty.

I started off before dawn and drove down the A12 to the TUBE ST - Newbury Park. This was a DNF last time out and if it is still there, it’s beyond me. I looked closely at the next one on my list TUBE ST - Barkingside and that too had been DNF last time out so I decided to not even try for it.

I headed over to the VHs Trinity Hall Barkingside EC for a crash course on Calcarenite. Once I had enough to answer the COs questions, I sent them off to the CO, who turned out to be Rory, a cacher who I’d met at a Cambridgeshire meeting.

I drove over to Woodford for a couple on the way to the event. I quickly sorted the VictorIan pump In Woodford Green #1 multi and just up the road was the Derelict Football Grounds - Woodford Town trad. I understand that the club has now reformed and are playing in the Essex Senior League but I don't know where their ground is.🤔

I arrived at the venue on time and found that it was shut. 🤯 The manager came out and said that it didn't open until nine. I told her that her web site said that it was eight thirty. She said "I asked them to change that". 😩

Anyway she arranged for tables and chairs to be brought out and at least we would sit under the awning if it rained. ShanneW and her daughter, mechanon arrived first followed by anytar and Wombatwandering. Tbear186 and brunettebird shortly after each other and by this time, the meeting was in full swing.

Evidently some caches had been published that morning and the talk was as about who was going  to be FTF. There was much conjecture about who was late because they were after FTFs. Coffee arrived and talk changed to tales of macho cats and other such pets.

About ten minutes from the end, Abigails and his son appeared and they had FTF on one of the caches. As I was on a tight schedule and already knew that I was going to be late home so I passed the log book around for autographs. I thanked everyone for attending the meeting and set off for home.

1 Earthcache 1 Event 1 Multi 1 Traditional