10. Oct, 2021

A Fine Pair

This is a special day in the geocaching sense. Firstly, there is a official souvenir for finding an Earthcache today and secondly, it’s the tenth anniversary(ish) of the publication of the first cache in the A Fine Pair series.😀

It’s a special day today geocachingwise. Firstly, there’s an official Groundspeak souvenir for finding an Earthcache today and secondly, it‘s the tenth anniversary of the publication of the first A Fine Pair cache today. There’s an unofficial souvenir for this one.

So I scanned the maps and came up with a couple of Earthcaches and an AFP Anniversary meeting in Chislehurst in Greater London. Add in a couple of Wherigo caches to the mix and there was only one place for me to be this morning.

I parked up opposite JTB‘s Earthcache, Millennia Rock, Chislehurst, a few minutes before dawn and soon had all the answers to the COs questions on this particular lump of metamorphic rock. I would send these to the CO later. I drove up the road and took advantage of the free parking near the CM 3051 ~ Chislehurst 2.10 trad. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the cache so made a start on the CM Chislehurst ~ St Patrick wherigo. I had a good walk around this part of town and at the end  of the route, I had the cache in hand.

I drove to the other end of town and parked just up the road from where the event would be held. I made a start on another wherigo, Chislehurst Constitutional. This route would pass by three multis so I would be gathering info as I went. 

i picked up CM Chislehurst and then gathered the info for CM ~ St Nicholas and then the 4/1.5 VHs. Luckily I got enough answers right to be able to claim the Wherigo which I grabbed on the way to the meeting.

I could see a crowd by the Fine Pair but ducked in a coffee shop for an Americano. I approached the throng and introduced myself and was taken aback by the members of the Geocaching aristocracy who introduced themselves. The numbers kept rising and it was good of RamsPadge and SkiCycle to point out everyone to me. I was particularly pleased to see RubyShoos and agrajag2007 who had found some of my Church Micro caches yesterday.

1 Earthcache 1 Event 1 Multi 2 Wherigo