17. Oct, 2021


I had unfinished business in Chislehurst to attend to. I had solved some multis last week whilst attending SkiCyle’s event so I’m back to collect. However, I am still slowly adding to my Wherigo tally and there is one more in town to look for. Here’s how the morning went.

Sun up (or first light) was at 07:24 this morning and at that moment I was parking the car close to the start of the CM Chislehurst ~ Christ Church wherigo. This turned out to be a linear route and took me down lanes and visiting places that I hadn’t been before. Who would have known that Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte aka Emperor Napoleon III of France, lived at Camden Place, Chislehurst, from 1870 until his death in 1873?

Whilst following the wherigo route, I passed the Drinking Fountain and Trough multi and found it later near the end. Luckily the final stage of the wherigo was on the way back to the car and not further away.

For the next few caches, I was leaving Chislehurst behind and next up was ST - Chislehurst. JTB’s off the rails 1. This was a 1/2.5 trad but cunningly placed up a steep slope in a Victorian drainage vestibule. This was well worth a fave for the fun.😀 By the way, I hadn’t seen a painted station sign before. This one is on the wall of the railway bridge.

I drove down into Bickley, finding the CM ~ Bickley mystery and then the ST ~ Bickley mystery. The latter, although only being a 1.5/1 had a string of DNF entries but I put my hand on the cunning cache first time.😀

I drove back into Chislehurst and up Prince Imperial Road, named after the Emperor’s only legitimate son 🤔 and parked close to the final stage of the CM Chislehurst - Methodist multi. This was a quick find so I carried on through the wood to get the Chislehurst 2.8 Up off the floor trad. 

Now I was on a series of drive bys, collecting the multis that I had solved last week but didn’t have time to collect. The FP was a bit of a stretch and the CM St Nicholas was on a bench that I sat on last week whilst getting wherigo clues.🥴 The final cache was the cunningly placed 4/1.5 VHs cache.

Now I thought that was the end of today’s caching but that wasn’t to be, I was adding to the Challenge Cache section of my blog when I realised that I hadn’t claimed a mystery cache in nearby Scadbury Park. I had signed the log of the 4.5/1.5 Prodigious: An Assiduous Cacher Challenge on 14/7/19 but not claimed it.🤯 I was more than happy to put the record straight.😀 

1 Wherigo 2 Traditional 3 Mystery 5 Multi