24. Oct, 2021

Vexed in Bexley

I had planned to have a CM Anniversary event in Bexley but it got knocked back as it was only 9.71 miles from a CITO arranged down at Woodlands Church. There were four CMs that I hadn’t found in Bexley so I thought, sod it, I’ll go down there on my own today. 

I planned to get there just before dawn to start the CM Bexley ~ St John the Evangelist wherigo. However with magnificent planning, Highways England or whoever, decided to carry out some road works on the QE2 Bridge this morning. Luckily I was only held up for ten minutes and arrived as dawn broke.

I got off to another fine start when I realised that I hadn’t downloaded the wherigo cartridge but this was soon ssorted and I was on my way. I was treated to a splendid walk around town visiting the bases. I had a short break to sort out the coords for the CM Bexley ~ URC multi. I arrived at the wherigo final stage for a quick find.

The nearest unfound cache to me was the 1/4.5 ST - Bexley (Clamber) so I thought that I would  go and have a look even though I didn’t think that I’d be able to do it. I took the quickest route only to find that the public road that I had hoped to walk down was actually a fenced off private road.🥴

I backtracked into the town and headed for the CM Bexley ~ Baptist multi. Once I had sorted out the coords, I strode off to the final for a quick find. Now the coords for the URC didn’t look right for a 1/5.1 so I had another look at them. Could I have misunderstood the COs meaning so I reworked them and came up with more appealing coords. However there wasn’t much chance of a cache being in the search area. Still I should be seeing the CO at my revamped event in a couple of weeks just 10.24 miles from the CITO, so I will seek advice.😀

I headed off up to the final stage of the CM Bexley ~ Catholic mystery for a quick find and then walked back to the car. I drove down to the ST and parked next to the tree. I definitely needed a lift up for this on so would bring a TOTT back in a fortnight.

I was running out of time so pushed off to try to fit in a couple of trads. Conker Alley was a quick find and the 3/2.5 A Bridge Too Far was an even quicker find.🤫 I set off for home but as I was heading north on the M25, I could see that the road works weren’t finished on the bridge and the traffic was backed up right to the A127, a distance of ten miles.🤯🤯

1 Mystery 1 Multi 1 Wherigo 2 Traditional